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  • The joy of the awakening Maiden energies

    The first warm sunlight touches the forest, and the snow slowly starts to melt. A single green shoot appears from under the snows. From it hangs a small white flower, like a droplet of snow, and it holds the promise of the energies to come. The energies of life start

  • News from Miranda

    2016 has been an amazing year! It has been a real joy for me to teach again in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, USA (New York), Croatia and England. And to teach for the first time in Portugal, USA (Miami) and Ireland (Dublin). I’ve had the opportunity

  • The Womb Blessing – Healing ourselves

    First woman story First Woman was washing clothes and blankets by the river when Moon Mother appeared. First Woman had a pile of blankets that the First Animals had asked her to wash as well. She was tired, but happy. Moon Mother greeted First Woman. “I’ve been watching you” she

  • Dancing your cycles

    Being a woman is a dance of life. It is like being a breath – dancing with the flow of air inwards, feeling the pause of completeness within the full breath, dancing the outbreath, and then resting, empty, full of potential to fill with life once more. We are weavers

  • How to run a Worldwide Womb Blessing Group

    A short guide by Advanced Moon Mother and German Co-ordinator HeliA, with additional materials on Red Tents from Advanced Moon Mother Belinda García Reyes. In this article I would love to share some of our experiences and show how much fun it is, and how easy it is, to run


    I would like to personally thank you for being part of the Worldwide Womb Blessing this year. Without you sharing the details about the Worldwide Womb Blessing, running your groups and sharing the energy, the Womb Blessing would not reach so many women in the world. And every woman who

  • What is a Moon Mother?

    Imagine a woman standing in front of you, bathed in moonlight. She is radiant in the silver-white light, and on her palms rest two Full Moons. At her brow is a white star, at her heart lies a silver chalice surrounded by pale pink light, and at her womb level

  • The Crone energies

    The Crone energies are the energies of the menstrual phase, of the Dark Moon and of the Winter. This is a time of stillness, of hibernation and sleep, of withdrawal from the outside world and connection to the deeper inner world. Gone are the turbulent emotions and mood swings and

  • The Enchantress energies

    The Enchantress energies are the energies of the pre-menstrual phase, of the decreasing Moon and of the Autumn. It is a time of dynamic withdrawal – our physical energies in the pre-menstrual phase start to decrease after the stability of the ovulation phase, the Moon starts to darken after the

  • An invitation to the first international Moon Mother events

    25th – 30th August 2015: A programme of events for Moon Mothers and Worldwide Womb Blessing participants in the New Forest, UK I am really excited – for the August Worldwide Womb Blessing we have some special events organised for Moon Mothers and some public events! For more details, contact

  • Mid-day Womb Blessing

    For a few hours over the mid-day Blessing we had beautiful sunshine and all around us the Earth is flowering with Bluebells and Primroses in the hedges. The Mother energy has truly entered the northern hemisphere. After sending energy to the newly menstrual young women joining the Worldwide Womb Blessing,

  • Embracing the four sexual women within us!

    Within all women are four beautiful and powerful sexual energies. For women with a menstrual cycle these energies flow through us as we journey around the phases of our cycles, and each phase has a different sexual expression and different sexual desires and needs. It’s no wonder women are confused

  • What are the Crone energies – and what gifts does a Crone year offer us?

    Where does the Crone come from? The image of the ‘crone’ – an ancient old woman – has a special role in women’s wisdom, and especially within menstrual-lunar tradition. The old woman embodies energies and gifts that are available to women through a specific aspect of their female nature. The

  • The Womb Blessing – Female Energy Awakening is a gift

    The Womb Blessing – Female Energy Awakening is a gift that: awakens our female energies, bringing joy and a freer expression of who we are brings profound and transformational healing to all aspects of our femininity creates with each Blessing a deepening awareness of the beauty, strength and gifts of

  • Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ reveals the key to surviving being pre-menstrual!

    Menstrual myths The Disney Corporation has done a lot to tell and re-tell the wisdom stories of European folklore. Sadly in this re-telling many stories have been sanitised or changed to make them more commercially attractive, but within Disney’s movie formula some of their animations still manage to keep the

  • Unwrapping the gifts of the Womb Blessings: what to do after a Blessing

    The Womb Blessing is not a single event but rather a beautiful female path of awakening that brings healing to all aspects of our being. At each Blessing we return a little closer to our authentic femininity – the pattern of female energies with which our soul was born into

  • The additional Womb Blessing meditations: What to do when!

    Each Worldwide Womb Blessing has an additional optional meditation which relates to the energies of the Earth Mother in the land where you live. These meditations are designed to help us connect with her energies in our lives, to bring healing and free expression of our beautiful and powerful feminine

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing meditations: What to do when!

    There are a number of beautiful meditations you can do during a Worldwide Womb Blessing event to enhance your experience, to help other women in the Womb Blessing family, and to birth the wonderful energies of the Divine Feminine into the world.   The main Womb Blessing meditations: 1.Receiving the

  • August Womb Blessing 2014: Dancing our female wildness as we journey from light to darkness.

    August celebration In the Northern Celtic tradition the 1st August is the festival of Lughnasad (or Lammas) when the harvest of the first fruits and corn is celebrated. It is a time of plenty, of fruition and endings, when the fruit falls and dies holding the seeds of new life

  • Awakening our sacred sexuality – the Magdalene centre

    Our ‘authentic femininity’ refers to the female energies we were born with before the layers of conditioning imposed by our upbringing and society buried it in layers of restrictions and expectations. It is the blueprint of our sacred sexuality, the flowing rhythm of our female energy and female soul that