Authorised Moon Mothers

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Moon Mothers offer hands-on Womb Blessings and Womb Healings, and can answer questions about the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

  • Book a personal Womb Blessing Attunement and a Womb Healing with a Moon Mother for healing, and for spiritual and personal development.
  • Invite a Moon Mother to your Worldwide Womb Blessing group or ask her to run a group. Having a Moon Mother at your group will enhance the energies received. Ask where Moon Mothers are holding groups.
  • Ask a Moon Mother about Womb Blessing Training workshops in your area and what is involved.
  • Any questions? Ask a Moon Mother!

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Level 1 Moon Mothers

These women have completed their entry level training with Miranda Gray or one of her offical Moon Mother Level 1 Teachers. They have received their initiation as a Moon Mother and carry the Womb Blessing® energy which allows them to give the personal Womb Blessing® and the Womb Healing to women.

Level 2 Moon Mothers

These women have completed the Level 2 courses with Miranda Gray and carry the Level 2 Womb Blessing® energies and offer the Womb Blessing®, the Gift for Men, the Female Soul Healing in an in person session. They also have additional modalities that they can offer in distance healings, if they wish and that are reserved for this level.

Level 3 Moon Mothers

These women have completed the Level 3 cours with Miranda Gray and carry the Level 3 Womb Blessing Energies. They offer Archetype Womb Blessings®, on top of the Womb Blessings® ‘Opening to Sacredness’ and the Womb Blessings® ‘Opening to Peace’ to women, plus all the modalities of the former two levels.

MMM Moon Mother Mentors

These Moon Mothers have been formed by Miranda Gray to accompany and guide women in the discovery of their cycle and the feminine archetypes through personal support and mentoring in order to integrate this work into their everyday lives in accordance with their personal needs and possibilities.

Remote Practitioners

Remote Practitioners are Moon Mothers of any level (indicated by the number) that have taken additional training and initiation with Miranda Gray to offer a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Womb Blessings® respectively at a distance in a 1-to-1 personal healing session.

For example: 3 will indicate that this MM3 is qualified to give a Level 3 Womb Blessing Attunement “Awakening into Light.”

You can sort this list to find Moon Mothers of all different levels.

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