The Worldwide Womb Blessing® and you

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What couId I feel and experience?

The Worldwide Womb Blessing can feel different for different women and at different times. Some women can experience:

Physical sensations
Deep love
Deep peace
Colours or images
Sexual energies and desire igniting
A slight change in the current cycle
Creative energies growing
Intuition or inner knowledge
Happiness and joy
The need to be physically active

You do not need to believe in anything for the Worldwide Womb Blessing to work. Try it yourself to see what you experience!

The importance of the Womb Blessing® Meditation

The Womb Blessing is like a gift.
We need your name and address to know where to send it
and we need to know when you will be in
to open the door to receive and unwrap the gift.
Opening the door and unwrapping the gift
happens when we take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing Meditation.

The words of the Womb Blessing Meditation are an energy-working designed to connect your energy structure to the Divine Feminine energy of the Womb Blessing attunement. When all women and Moon Mothers around the world use the same meditation it grows in vibration and energy, enabling women to experience quicker and deeper connection and healing.

If you change the words, you will have a nice meditation but sadly you will not receive the Womb Blessing attunement. The words of the meditation are the way by which we unwrap the gift of the Womb Blessing attunement and Divine Feminine energy.

Download the most up-to-date version of the meditation when you register for your Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Registering and taking part in every Worldwide Womb Blessing®

Taking part in every Worldwide Womb Blessing brings feelings of love and wellbeing, and they continue to create beautiful and amazing changes within us and to our lives.

Each Worldwide Womb Blessing offers us a female sanctuary in our stressful lives to restore our female energies and help us to stay connected to our femininity in a world that constantly tries to disconnect us.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing

Every woman taking part also has an important role in changing the world. The more women who take part in each Worldwide Womb Blessing, the more feminine energy surrounds the Earth and the more the world awakens to the female energies.

Each Worldwide Womb Blessing® helps you to

  • Grow in your female energies and deepen your healing – The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a path – each attunement builds on the previous one, enabling you to discover more about who you are, to deepen the healing of your cyclic nature, to feel more grounded in your female body and in your sexuality, and to grow more in your spirituality and purpose in life.
  • Stay connected to your femininity – Many things in life can disconnect you from living your full female energies and from living in harmony with your cyclic nature. Regular Womb Blessing attunements keep you connected to your female energies, helping you to move through the stress and pressures of modern life with inner harmony, centredness, strength and wholeness.
  • Be part of a family of like-minded women – Being part of the Womb Blessing family helps you to not feel alone and to know that there are women who will walk your path of growth alongside you.
  • Change women’s lives and change the world – By taking part in regular Worldwide Womb Blessings we become part of a female energy movement to:

help heal the Earth
heal and awaken all women
bring healing to the relationship between male and female
create a world where women express authentic femininity and men express authentic masculinity
create a legacy for future generations so that all girls grow up understanding the beauty, power and sacredness of their cyclic nature.

Each Worldwide Womb Blessing also offers you additional meditations and resources to help you to grow and live in harmony with your female nature:

  • The Archetype meditations – Each Worldwide Womb Blessing has an additional focus for healing and awakening. The four Archetype Meditations are practised in harmony with the Earth Mother’s phases, working with her cyclic energies to support you in your healing.
  • Earth-Yoni Blessing – Each Worldwide Womb Blessing also brings you the unique opportunity to receive an earth-Yoni Blessing from Miranda to bring healing and to restore sacredness to your Yoni (vagina and vulva).
  • Articles to help you to understand your cyclic nature and to live more in tune with it.

Join a Worldwide Womb Blessing® group for a deeper experience and for support

If you have a local Worldwide Womb Blessing group, it is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded women – but also the experience of the Womb Blessing is stronger within a group. It is especially powerful if the group is attended or run by a trained Moon Mother.

A group also gives a regular sanctuary away from the stresses of work and home, to focus on your own path and on your growth into the beautiful wholeness of your authentic female energies.

Trying to live a female life in a masculine world is challenging, and it is through connecting with other women and receiving their love and support that we have the strength to stay true to who we are in our everyday life and to stay committed to helping better other women’s lives.

Find a group

How to run a Worldwide Womb Blessing Group

After the Womb Blessing® the changes begin!

After receiving the Womb Blessing attunement the Divine Feminine energy starts to work through us, bringing healing and birthing new and exciting changes in us.

The Worldwide Womb BlessingDuring our birthing we can feel free and happy, whole and beautiful, but we can also have moments when we experience old emotions and patterns. These emotions and patterns can feel intense, but they are a wonderful sign of our growth and we simply need to give them space to come into our lives to clear. They are nothing to do with our current life – just old things we no longer need to carry within us.

Be gentle and nurturing towards yourself for the month after the Worldwide Womb Blessing. Rest well, eat healthily, and give yourself love and space to meditate and to connect with the Earth, Moon and Divine Feminine as you go through your birthing.

Moon Mothers can offer Womb Healings – female energy balancing if you feel you would like more energy support as you go through your birthing.

In our birthing a new transformed woman will grow into the light.