Womb Healings

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What is a Womb Healing – female energy balancing?

We live in a hectic world where women are expected to live and work like men. It is no wonder so many of us have menstrual cycles which are unbalanced and stressed, creating challenging physical, emotional and mental experiences.

We all need an oasis of female well-being and restoration at some time in our hectic and busy life!

Womb Healing

The Womb Healing – female energy balancing is designed to counteract the effects of modern life by

  • Replenishing depleted archetypal energy centres so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of our self.
  • Helping to harmonise the flow from one archetype / phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.
  • Energising the three main female energy centres, including the womb energy centre, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again.
  • Clearing blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.

It is also ideal to help support peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as they go through the archetypal energy changes which transform them into the ultimate stage of female life development.

Like the Personal Womb Blessing, the Womb Healing is given in person by an authorized Moon Mother® – a woman who has attended an official Moon Mother Level 1 workshop.

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The Womb Healing:

is a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy used in the Worldwide Womb Blessing in a series of hand positions on the three main female energy centres (different to the chakra system) and on specific energy points on the female body that relate to the energies of the four female archetypes.

Womb Healings can be received:

  • Before a Personal or Worldwide Womb Blessing to help a woman to strengthen, clear and harmonise her cycle energies in order to be able to open more fully to the Womb blessing attunement.
  • After a Personal or Worldwide Womb Blessing to help a woman to integrate the Womb Blessing changes that take place through the birthing process.
  • At any time when a woman wishes to restore her energies and well-being.


Which should I have – a Womb Healing or a Womb Blessing®?

We usually recommend the supportive Womb Healing rather than the transformational Womb Blessing if a woman is going through any major medical treatments or crises.

A Womb Healing can be received as often as you wish to restore your female energies and well-being.


What are the Differences between a Womb Blessing® attunement and a Womb Healing?

The Womb Healing is supportive and restores your female energies and well-being.

The Womb Blessing is transformative and starts a path of awakening to the joy and deep beauty of the authentic femininity that lies within you.

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What happens in a Womb-Healing – female energy balancing?

Womb HealingYou will lie on a couch, comfortable and fully clothed with a blanket covering you.

Your Moon Mother will work through a series of hand positions, specific to the female energy structure and both on and off the body, starting at the head and finishing at the feet.

It is not unusual for the Receiver to go to sleep during the Womb Healing!

At the end you can share your experiences with the Moon Mother.

  • Your Moon Mother may offer you other therapies before or after the Womb Healing, but the integrity of Womb-Blessing technique is maintained to have the most beneficial effect.

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