International Volunteer Translators

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“The Worldwide Womb Blessing wouldn’t be ‘worldwide’ without these amazingly talented women. As someone who finds learning languages very hard, it is a heartfelt passion for me that we make the Womb Blessing as accessible as possible to women who do not speak English. And I am not just looking for the main languages of the world, but also for the smaller languages – because to hear a meditation in your Mother tongue has a greater and deeper resonance for us. And we also include sign-language, because the Womb Blessing is for ALL women.”

Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray

Our amazing regular volunteer translators include:

French – Danielle De Wilde, Serena Zigrino, Claire Delune, Isaya Belle Schwaar, Valérie Grand, Marie Paschoud, Sophie Schoettle, Virginie Royer
Spanish – Liliana Garcìa Domìnguez, Malena Pinto Schröder
German – Cornelia Rothenburg, Alice Summermater, Jacqueline Nussbaum
Italian – Alessandra Sorrenti, Caterina Pellizzari, Laura Cariolato, Gabrielle Fulgoni, Federica Iacono, Alessandra Florio, Nelly Moretti, Valentina Schellino
Brazilian – Tatiana Guedes, Isadora Steimer, Liliana Bauermann
Portuguese – Isalinda Damas, Aisha Axin, Isabel Angélica, Ana David, Lígia Morais, Joana Ribeiro, Sofia Borrego

Croatian – Sandra Volčanšek, Martina Donelli Peharec, Anja Grubiša, Anamarija Partl
Czech – Kateřina Prokešová Doležalová, Jana Maria Cacka, Hannah Benetova, Umay
Hungarian – Vivian Varga
Polish – Arleta Brzezinska, Sylwia Geelhaar

We are also very grateful for the ‘occasional’ translators who freely offer their time and expertise when we need back-up or an extra pair of hands.

Volunteer Translation Manager

Our experienced International Volunteer Translation Manager Mayella Almazan helps to schedule and support all the translators so that no one does too much work and everyone feels good. It is very important to us that women who volunteer enjoy the service they offer.

If you would like to offer translation help, contact Mayella Almazán-Arreola:

Translation projects

There are a number of international projects that the volunteers are involved in. These include:

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing Newsletter and email translation
  • Womb Blessing website content translation
  • Womb Blessing download materials and resources
  • Additional public resources
  • Moon Mother and Cyclic Woman workshop manuals and resources
  • Moon Mother online download resources
  • Moon Mother Admin Team Facebook Group translation