What to do after your Blessing

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Supporting our birthing

The Womb Blessing attunement that you receive on Blessing Day starts a process of ‘birthing’ into a new woman. It is a beautiful experience to follow this process and to support it so that we smoothly and harmoniously step into our new shape and form.

Womb Blessing Day

Blessing Day and the day after:

  • Be gentle with yourself. If possible, have a quiet day where you can rest, meditate or walk in nature. This will help you to continue to be aware of the beautiful Divine Feminine energy moving through you. Have a Sanctuary Day, where you nurture the femininity within you.
  • Make sure that you drink lots of water and eat healthily to support any detox effect of the energy.

First week after Blessing Day:

  • Be gentle with the people around you.

Your vibration is changing, and although family and friends may not be conscious of it they will be sensing that you are changing. Just as it will take you a little time to get used to your new energy, they will need a time too – and may need little extra reassurance from you.

  • To be aware of the amazing changes in you and the process of birthing, keep a journal to note how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Note your menstrual cycle, as the Womb Blessing attunement can slightly change the orientation of your physical cycle against the lunar cycle.
  • Give yourself five minutes of self-healing every day, using the simple technique given in the Womb Blessing document. This will support you through any clearing of old patterns and help you to feel centred, empowered and loved in everyday life.
  • Share your experiences with the online community and connect with the other women and Moon Mothers who have taken part.

Wherever you are in the world, you are not alone, and there are women who understand and are walking the path to authentic femininity alongside you.

Second week:

  • Continue your journal, and give yourself daily healing. How have you changed? How has your life changed?
  • Do the ‘Womb Blessing Meditation’ two or three times during the week for 10-15 minutes. You will be creating a sanctuary of Divine Feminine energies where you can let go of stress and recharge your female batteries and once more go out into the hectic world feeling strong and safe in your femininity.
  • Make a note of the phase of your menstrual cycle, and start to explore how this affects who you are, how your feel, your needs and your life. For more information, the book Red Moon introduces you to the four female archetypes and their link to the menstrual cycle.

If you do not have a cycle, everything Miranda writes about the menstrual cycle can also be applied to the lunar cycle.

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Third week:

  • Start to live in little ways in tune with your cycle of energies – The Optimized Woman provides a programme of everyday activities in harmony with your phase to create well-being in your life, to achieve your dreams in a female way and to do better at work by using your cyclic energies and enhanced abilities.It is important that we start to live in little ways in alignment with our cycle phases (or lunar phases if we do not have a cycle) as we need to ground the new aspects of our femininity in our everyday lives. If we do not live in relationship and in awareness of our female archetypes and their energies, we simply disconnect again from the aspects of our femininity that the Womb Blessing attunement has awakened for us.
  • Continue to give yourself healing and to create a Female Sanctuary for yourself by doing the Womb Blessing Mediation two or three times a week.

Fourth week:

  • Do something each day to connect to the archetypal energies of your phase – wear something to express the archetype, write a poem, draw a picture, or you may like to meditate using the messages in ‘Spiritual messages for Women’.
  • Take your path of awakening deeper, and make receiving the Womb Blessing part of your path of personal and spiritual growth into love. Contact a Moon Mother to receive a Personal Womb Blessing attunement.
  • If you want to work more deeply with your cyclic nature and personal awakening, contact a Moon Mother Mentor for Womb Blessing Mentoring. A Moon Mother Mentor can introduce you to your cyclic nature, guide you as you explore it, and support you in your path of awakening with Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings.