The Moonlit Path online workshop

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Moonlit Path workshop

‘Moonlit Path’ and ‘Grace’ initiations, plus self-nourishing energy work to help you to grow as a Moon Mother® and to support you as you walk your moonlit path

For Moon Mothers at all levels

This workshop is about being the ‘best ever you’, about growing in sensuality, in mindfulness, and in empathy and love. It brings transformation and awakening, but also shows you how to maintain your highest alignment and be your best self through the challenges of integration and Rebirth, of growing as a Moon Mother, and of living in a changing world.

The purpose of this workshop is to feel more loving and kind – and to feel good!

This is a full day of energy-work.

The workshop consists of:

  • Two one-hour individual live self-development initiation sessions.
  • Self-healing practice with the new MotherGrace Symbol.
  • Four self-nourishing techniques consisting of Womb to Earth Mother Grounding, Moonlight Purity Shower, Creating Sacred-Self Space, and Singing Your Soul Back Home.
  • If time allows, an opportunity for Questions and Answers.
  • An accompanying PDF manual outlining the daily self-nourishing techniques and a copy of the Moon Maiden workshop’s Rebirth Workbook – emailed to you after the workshop.
  • A workshop attendance certificate.

The Organiser for each workshop will also run a pre-workshop Zoom session to help with any technical queries and to answer questions about the schedule and the items you will need.

Workshops are limited to 20 places to create an intimate energetic sacred feminine temple-space.

Teaching time is approximate – as you may know, energy-work time can be flexible and Miranda always has extra information she would like to share with you.


The Moonlit Path initiation – opens your heart centre to deepen your ability to love, to clear the barriers that separate you from others, and to heal the scars that stop you from letting go. Become more accepting, more open, and more empathic in your relationships.

The path of a Moon Mother is one of Love and Light. This is an initiation to help you to love and to feel loved by the Divine Mother.

The Grace initiation – opens you more fully to the beautiful blend of gold and pink energy that comes from the Earth Mother. It awakens the sensual love of yourself, of others and of Nature. It can help you to accept the beauty and gracefulness of your physical body and open the Cauldron Centre, filling it with female sensuality and graceful power. The Grace energy brings mindful self-confidence that comes from being centred in abundance and love rather than in the ego.

As Moon Mothers we are often presented with challenges as we walk our path. This initiation brings us the strength that comes from feeling at home in our body and on the Earth.

Self-nourishing practices – the more we open to higher vibration, the more sensitive we become to the energies around us. So we need daily self-nourishing practices that help us to maintain our balance and harmony and keep our energies protected and strong so that we may live life empowered and whole without damage to our aura or drains on our energies. These techniques are important for all Moon Mothers to live their ‘best self’, not just for those actively offering Blessings and Healings.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for all Level 1 Moon Mothers (and above) who wish to grow as women and as Moon Mothers.

A path of personal development:

The beautiful Moonlit Path self-development initiation helps you to open to Love at all levels to bring deep healing to your hurts, scars, and barriers and to your feelings of lack of self-love and self-confidence. It helps you to feel more empathic and loving in your work with women.

All initiations offer a gentle but powerful experience!

A path of Moon Mother development:

We all know that the Womb Blessing® attunements challenge us to change and grow into more Love and Light. Even experienced Moon Mothers can find these changes a little difficult. We live in a rapidly changing world with many energies impacting on us, so maintaining our equilibrium, keeping our energies nourished, and sustaining our highest alignment can also be challenging. This workshop shares some beautiful, nourishing techniques to help you to

  • maintain wellbeing
  • be free of damage to your aura and drains on your energies
  • be centred in who you are
  • feel unburdened
  • feel whole and empowered
  • maintain your highest energy connection.

A path towards becoming a Level 2 Moon Mother®:

For those who wish to become Level 2 Moon Mothers, the Moonlit Path initiation helps you to move more quickly on your Moon Mother path by creating changes, clearing, and healing in advance of the Level 2 Moon Mother workshop. This enables you to flow more quickly, easily, and confidently into the active role of Level 2 Moon Mother. Some Moon Mothers can take over a year to finish their personal energy changes.

Please note:

To become an authorised Level 2 Moon Mother® and offer the techniques and Moon Mother symbols, you will need to attend an authorised Level 2 Moon Mother® workshop. At the moment these workshops are only available with personal physical attendance.

A ‘self-development’ initiation simply means that you do not receive those initiation aspects that enable you to pass the energy on to another person.

For dates, cost, availability, and what you need to take part, please contact the local Organizers in each country.

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