Moon Mother® Mentoring training advanced workshops

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Become a Moon Mother® Mentor – Growing on your path of helping women

Advanced Moon Mother Mentoring workshopsTo walk the path of female awakening alone can be challenging. Everyday life does not support our cyclic nature and can often disconnect us from the new aspects of our femininity that have awoken with the Womb Blessing attunement.

Many women live a path of survival, repeatedly repressing, ignoring or disconnecting from aspects of their female archetypes because it is the only way they know how to manage the pressures of work and home. Sometimes Moon Mothers can see that a previously healed pattern of depletion or disconnection returns because the woman has not changed her lifestyle or the mental approach that causes the disharmony.

We live in a world that does not support the female cyclic nature, and so sometimes we need a little bit of extra help to go deeper into ourselves, to observe our cyclic nature and the archetypes and to discover what to do to feel happy and to stay connected, balanced and harmonious in our cyclic nature.

Moon Mother® Mentors

A Moon Mother Mentor is a Level 2 Moon Mother who wishes to help women through guiding and mentoring their awakening and the path of authentic femininity.

Not all Level 2 Moon Mothers are called to become mentors, so the Moon Mother Mentor workshop is an optional two-day workshop for Moon Mothers who wish to include mentoring as part of their practice.

Moon Mother Mentors bring together the information in Miranda’s books ‘Red Moon’ and ‘The Optimized Woman’ in a unique mentoring practice based on energy analysis using the Womb Healing.

Moon Mother Mentors are companions on a woman’s cyclic and spiritual path. They do not fix the cycle, tell a woman what to experience, or judge a woman’s life and body choices. They are there to explain the Cyclic Woman concept and to give ideas and suggestions on how a woman can change her life to stop her archetypal energies from becoming depleted or blocked.

The purpose of the mentoring is to teach a woman to live her life in confidence and in harmony with her cycle so that she no longer needs a supporting guide.

A Moon Mother® Mentor is:

  • recognised as a Moon Mother who applies Miranda’s book information and energy practice to help women
  • recognised as walking a path of actively guiding women in their Womb Blessing awakening
  • a Level 2 Moon Mother and who has taken The Womb Blessing Mentoring Training workshop with Miranda Gray.

Advanced Moon Mother Mentoing Training Workshops

The Moon Mother® Mentor Training workshop

A two days workshop full of energy and information, including the deeply emotional and loving Divine Mother initiation to open students to wisdom and compassion and to acknowledge their calling to serve as guides for women.

Embodying the Maiden energies, Miranda talks in detail about the information required in regular guidance sessions and how, through the Womb Healing, we can identify depleted archetypal energies and create cycle activities to support the Receiver’s awakening and healing.

Workshop schedule:

  • Advanced Moon Mother Mentoring workshopsWhat is mentoring? – and how does it help stop women from disconnecting from their authentic female energies after their Womb Blessing.
  • How to introduce the concept of the Cyclic Woman to complete beginners.
  • The two cycles that lie within the menstrual cycle – important aspects and how to introduce them.
  • How do we guess a Receiver’s phase if she does not know it?
  • How to explain the archetypes – what is an archetype, where do the names come from?
  • Summary of sensing techniques from the level 2 Moon Mother workshop and how they are the core of the mentoring approach.
  • The secret in the menstrual cycle and how we apply it to the mentoring.
  • Applying the archetypal energies to well-being, motherhood and work. Also to sexuality and spirituality if there is time in the workshop.
  • Mentoring practice with a partner – for women with a menstrual cycle and for women without a menstrual cycle. Mentoring is expected to continue in the month after the workshop.
  • Charting the cycle – helping women to gain confidence in charting and to take responsibility of the exploration of their cycle.



  • Initiation to become a Mentor
  • A detailed manual / workbook outlining the mentoring practice and providing fill-in areas for students to use in the workshop.
  • Online access to documents and hand-outs for use in the mentoring sessions.
  • Mentoring practical – to be continued after the workshop.
  • Charting tables for Receivers and Moon Dial
  • Lunar application and downloads for menopausal women and women without a cycle.
  • Moon Mother Mentor Certification
  • Moon Mother Mentor Logo
  • Moon Mother Mentor listing on the official Womb Blessing website


Students are recommended to buy a copy of the books ‘Red Moon’ and ‘The Optimized Woman’. If possible, please read them before the workshop.

Note: Your workshop organiser may have copies for sale, or may be able to order copies for you for the workshop.