What is the Worldwide Womb Blessing®?

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Awakening our Authentic Femininity

What is a Womb Blessing?

It is time for all women to feel whole, to feel empowered, and to heal physically and mentally. It is time to awaken to our ‘authentic femininity’ – to understand and enjoy expressing who we are as women in the world. The Worldwide Womb Blessing is an international meditation and energy attunement designed specifically for women to bring this healing and awakening into their lives.

The Womb Blessing attunement is an energy process to align women to the universal female energies and to the Moon and the Earth, and to awaken fully the four female energy archetypes that all women hold.

It is a distant group-based energy activity, where the healing and awakening is focused on the energies and soul patterns of the group of women taking part at a particular chosen time and where women are connected through a global Womb-Link.

Regular Worldwide Womb Blessings®

We offer five Worldwide Womb Blessing events per year on or around Full Moons:

The Worldwide Womb Blessing

Even if you have registered for a previous Worldwide Womb Blessing attunement, you will also need to register separately for each Blessing that you wish to join with. You will automatically receive an email reminding you to register your chosen time about a month before the Womb Blessing day. Register now

Why take part? Feel good and change your life and the world!

Why take part? Because it feels good! It feels like coming home. It feels like ‘being me’ again.

Many of us can feel disconnected from ourselves, unhappy, empty, restless, overwhelmed or unguided. The Worldwide Womb Blessing attunement helps us to:

  • feel ‘me’ again, to feel centred deep in our self
  • connect to the love, light and peace of the Divine Feminine
  • live freely expressing the sensual, creative, strong, loving, empowered, gentle, sexual and spiritual woman that lies within us.
  • heal our menstrual cycle – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • walk an easy path in harmony with our femininity, our cyclic nature and our physical changes, and ease our transition into post-menopause
  • feel that our body, our womb and our femininity are beautiful and sacred whatever its form

The Womb Blessing helps us to feel love, belonging
and purpose
by sharing it with women around the world.

How the Worldwide Womb Blessing® attunement works

The Womb Blessing attunement originated by Miranda was developed from her 20 years’ experience as an energy-worker and healer, her spiritual experiences of the energy of the Divine Feminine, and her understanding of the cyclic nature of women.

The Womb Blessing is the first energy attunement to specifically awaken the full energies of the four female archetypes of authentic femininity that exist within women throughout the world. (see Red Moon)

The Womb Blessing grounds us strongly in the Earth, connecting us to her energies and to our feminine soul, and it aligns us to the Light of the feminine spirit through the Mother archetype of the Full Moon. The change in vibration of the female energy centres in the attunement begins the transformational flow of Divine Feminine energy through the female archetypes to bring healing and awakening to repressed or dormant aspects and to align our cyclic nature more fully with the cycles of the universal feminine.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing attunement is a gift of Divine Feminine energy, and the outcome is always for the highest good and in accordance with Divine Love. We can unwrap the gift, but we can’t determine what it does. It will go to where we need it most.

Miranda Gray sends the Womb Blessing attunement to each woman taking part at each chosen time individually, by using their names and emails in association with the Womb-link.

During Womb Blessing Day, an energy network surrounds the world, connecting the wombs of all the women taking part in a Womb-link network. Miranda is joined on the energy network by Moon Mothers around the world, who send the vibration of Divine Feminine energy to all the women participating.

Why it is called a ‘Womb Blessing® attunement – female energy awakening’

A ‘Womb Blessing attunement’ means:
an awakening of all aspects of our authentic female energies
to return to a sense of female wholeness, love, inner peace,
sacredness and spiritual connection.

The word ‘womb’ is used as a symbol of our full female energies, and ‘blessing’ is used to describe the process of taking something that is seen as ordinary and returning it back to its positive, vibrant and sacred state. An ‘attunement’ is simply the format of the energy technique used to connect women to the Divine Feminine energy; it is a transformational process of awakening our female energies.

The Womb Energy Centre is the centre of all our female energies. We still have this energy centre whether or not we have a physical womb. The energies of our womb centre affect all aspects of our lives – the way we think and feel, our sexual energies, our creativity, and our spirituality. The ‘Womb’ symbolically means the full range of our ‘female energies’.

The term ‘Blessing’ has many roots in different languages. In its Latin form (‘benediction’) it means ‘to speak well of’, so to experience a ‘womb blessing’ is to express into the world the positive aspects of our beautiful female energies. In the English language, ‘blessing’ comes from an old word meaning to make sacred, especially through blood. The womb energy centre gifts us with the ability to create a new life, to connect to the divine, to embody the cycles of the Universe and to access profound energies and understanding. Our body is not ‘dirty’ or ‘impure’ or a ‘curse’ or a barrier to achieving our goals, it is beautiful in all its forms, and a sacred expression of the divine.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing®, the Personal Womb Blessing® and the Womb Healing

It is a really beautiful and empowering path of sacred awakening to also receive a Personal Womb Blessing and a Womb Healing given by a Moon Mother in addition to the Worldwide Womb Blessing. And you can receive all three on the same day if you wish!

  • The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a distant group-based energy activity, and the healing and awakening is focused on the energies and soul patterns of the group of women that are taking part at a particular chosen time.
  • The Personal Womb Blessing works in a very different way. It is a hands-on energy technique where the healing and awakening is focused totally on your own energies, your condition, your soul and path in life.
  • You can also receive a Womb Healing – Female energy balancing after a personal or Worldwide Womb Blessing. The Womb Healing is designed to support you with love through the birthing process after the Womb Blessing as the energy continues to work within you.

Learn to give the Personal Womb Blessing® attunement and the Womb Healing

After the first Worldwide Womb Blessing in 2012, there were many requests from women wanting to learn how to give the Womb Blessing attunement to women in person. In response, Miranda started teaching Moon Mothers to give the ‘Personal Womb Blessing’, and she developed the ‘Womb Blessing ® System’of Moon Mother practitioner workshops. The Womb Blessing System is designed to

  • guide Moon Mothers through deeper levels of Divine Feminine Love and Light,
  • empower them to work with different levels of Womb Blessings and additional types of Womb Blessings
  • provide deeper levels of healing for the female energies, and cycle mentoring training
  • provide personal techniques to bring the Divine Feminine into their everyday lives.

The ‘Womb Blessing ® System’

Personal Womb Blessing

Miranda’s passion is to share the Womb Blessing with as many women as possible, and Moon Mothers are very important to this vision – not only in giving Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings but also by inspiring and encouraging women to register for each Worldwide Womb Blessing event and running their own Worldwide Womb Blessing groups.

There are no requirements to becoming a Moon Mother® – you do not need to have a womb or a cycle, and you do not need experience of energy work or of running women’s groups. You do have to be over 18 years old.

Find a Moon Mother practitioner workshop