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International Online Meditations

Online meditations with MirandaThe purpose of these meditations is to bring women together to discover and explore their authentic female energies – but most importantly, to learn about their female energies in a deep and enjoyable way.

Learning about who we truly are is not an intellectual exercise; we need to combine what we read and learn with our own experience, and in particular our inner experience. Each meditation works with different levels of our awareness to help create changes at a deep level which then flows up from the depths and into the light of our conscious mind. Often the changes come without our awareness, until one day we suddenly realise that we have changed – and we see that positive change shining back at us in our everyday life.

Post-menopause (Sophia) women

These meditations are equally valuable to women without a cycle. Within every woman lie Four Female Archetypes associated with our four cycle-phases. When our cycles stop, we do not lose the archetypes, instead they become a powerful part of our life as we change. This is a potent time to meet our female energies, to listen to them, and to dance with them into the future stage of our life.

New to meditation?

 It is not important to have meditation experience to take part – these meditations are designed for all levels of experience. Just relax and enjoy!

The phase of your cycle will always influence your experience of the meditation and of the healing, changes, and realisations that they bring. Treat each meditation as a delight, savour the flavours and, if you can, attend all the different meditations to enjoy a feast of experiences!

After each meditation you will have an opportunity led by the Zoom Host to share your experiences with the group if you wish to do so.

Meditations to choose from:

Earth Mother Meditation

Meeting the Archetypes Meditation

Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine Meditation

Moon Animals Meditation

Universal Womb Tree Meditation

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Personal Level 3 Distant Womb Blessings from Miranda

Online Personal Womb Blessings from MirandaA Womb Blessing of any type is a beautiful oasis of female energies in a masculine world and a deepening of our connection to the Divine Feminine so that we can awaken our authentic femininity and finally stand in our true beauty, magic and empowerment.

Each Womb Blessing raises a woman’s vibration and connects her deeply to a specific vibration of Divine Feminine energy to awaken particular aspects of her femininity and to bring healing to facets of herself and to areas of her life. During the Blessing, the Receiver is flooded with this beautiful Divine Feminine Love and Light energy to bring healing and restoration, but most importantly to awaken aspects of her four Female Archetypes that have been disconnected, repressed, or dormant within her.

Each Blessing awakens something new and is a path of helping us to see what authentic femininity is –  rather than the version of femininity we have been taught – and of expressing it into the world. The result can be deep feelings of joy and love, of wisdom and inner knowing, of acceptance and forgiveness, of peace and centredness.

The Womb Blessing is a path of returning home, of being who we were born to be – a physical human expression of the cycles of the Moon, the Earth, the Universe, and the Divine Feminine. Then we can be more comfortable with our cycles, with our changing body and phases, with our ways of thinking and interacting with the world, and we can release the guilt we have been taught and embrace the beautiful empowerment that is our soul-path.

The Womb Blessings brings us back to sacred connection with the Divine Feminine. And the result is living our best possible female energies and leading our best possible life in the confidence of our expression of our female energies and in our spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine.


Each Womb Blessing brings us a month of Rebirth – of being in the Divine Mother’s womb – as her energy flows through each of our phases and female archetypes to bring healing, change, and awakening. This is a beautiful and sacred experience that honours who we are as women and honours a female path in life.

In a group Womb Blessing the energies of the souls come together and the healing and awakening that takes place is for the highest benefit of the group. The Blessing may stretch and challenge you through Rebirth, or it may provide comfortable reassurances of things you already knew or felt. During your Rebirth you may like to follow the path of activities outlined in the book ‘Female Energy Awakening’ or use the cards in ‘Red Moon – the Oracle’ to guide yourself through this sacred month of rebirth.

After each meditation you will have an opportunity to share your experiences with the group led by the Host if you wish to do so.

Womb Blessings to choose from:

Opening to Sacredness’ Womb Blessing

‘Opening to Peace’ Womb Blessing

Maiden Womb Blessing: ‘Opening to empowerment and new beginnings’

MotherLove Symbol Womb Blessing

Awakening into Light Womb Blessing

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