Personal Womb Blessings®

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What is the difference between the Worldwide Womb Blessing® and a Personal Womb Blessing®?

The Personal Womb Blessing and the Worldwide Womb Blessing are both attunements to the same vibration of Divine Feminine energy, but they have a different focus and are given through different methods.

The Personal Womb Blessing offers a deeper, more profound healing and awakening as it is focused on the specific needs of the woman receiving. It is a beautiful personal relationship with the Divine Feminine and a merging with her energy.

The energy attunement is given in person by a trained Moon Mother® through a series of hand positions and breaths.

It is a path of personal development.

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The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a group healing and awakening, and focuses on the aspects of the feminine that the group together needs to heal and awaken. It is a beautiful and loving womb and heart connection between women of the world and the Divine Feminine.

The energy attunement is given at a distance through Miranda Gray with energy support from the Moon Mothers taking part with her.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is not just about receiving, it also has the heartfelt focus of helping women around the world to awaken, and every individual who takes part increases the energy available to all to bring about the healing of all women. It is a path of helping others.

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The Worldwide Womb Blessing and the Personal Womb Blessing work together building on the changes made to create a beautiful path of personal and global female awakening.

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Why receive Personal Womb Blessings®?

Regular Personal Womb Blessing attunements are

  • a path of deep healing for your female energies and cycle
  • a powerful and personal path of awakening to your authentic femininity to embrace and express the full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that lies within you.
  • a new way of living and empowering your life when combined with the understanding in Red Moon and The Optimized Woman
  • a monthly sanctuary to restore your energies and become ‘me’ again
  • a path of female personal development, awakening you to your full potential as a woman
  • a path of spiritual development, opening your awareness to the Divine Feminine and bringing your natural spirituality into your life

Personal Womb Blessings can also be received as:

  • a rite of passage / celebration of first menstruation, validating a girl’s awakening of her cyclic nature and validating this nature as positive and powerful
  • a rite of passage / celebration for menopause, marriage, becoming a mother, or for divorce, grief and loss
  • a celebration of everything it means to be female
  • a personal and physical prayer – a merging of our female nature with the Divine Feminine

What is involved in a Personal Womb Blessing®?

The Receiver sits comfortably in an upright chair, fully clothed. If it is not possible for the Receiver to be sitting upright, the Moon Mother will change the position. The Personal Womb Blessing can be adapted to suit many kinds of disabilities.

The Moon Mother begins by lighting two candles, one for the Receiver’s Womb Bowls and one for her own bowl, and then puts water in the other Womb Bowls.

Personal Womb BlessingShe either reads the words of ‘The Womb Blessing Meditation’, or plays an audio version.

Then through a sequence of hand positions and breaths, the Moon Mother gives her Receiver the Personal Womb Blessing attunement. The receiver does not need to do anything except shut her eyes, relax and enjoy the experience.

The Moon Mother finishes the Blessing by standing behind the Receiver, and then together they drink their Womb bowl water and have something to eat. The Moon Mother will ask about the Receiver’s experience.

The Moon Mother will give the Receiver a handout with the words of The Womb Blessing Meditation and the instructions for a simple, daily self-healing. She will also give a hand-out on detox experiences.

The Womb Blessing® and other therapies

A Moon Mother can offer other therapies either side of the Womb Blessing sequence, but she cannot adapt or change the Womb Blessing technique itself.

How do I know I am getting the Womb Blessing attunement?

  1. Find a trained Moon Mother®

To make sure that your Moon Mother is qualified check the authorized list, and also ask her if she has made any changes to the technique as taught by Miranda Gray.

  1. Do not accept adapted techniques

If a Moon Mother alters the energy sequence as taught by Miranda, you will not receive the attunement.

You will experience a nice energy similar to the Womb Healing, but you will not receive the transformational or birthing aspects of the Womb Blessing attunement.

It is important that we keep the integrity and power of the technique in all countries. If you have any concerns that you have not been given the correct technique, or that someone is saying that she is a Miranda Gray trained Moon Mother but she is not on the authorized list, please contact any of the Country Co-ordinators.


How long will it take?

Personal Womb Blessings are usually given in 30 minute sessions or in 1 hour sessions.

Personal Womb Blessings can be given alongside other therapies or combined with the ‘Womb Healing – female energy balancing’, and Moon Mother Mentors can offer ‘Womb Blessing Mentoring – Female energy mentoring’.


How often can I receive a Personal Womb Blessing®?

Once a month. This allows time for the birthing process.