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As well as the physical Moon Mother training and empowering workshops with Miranda and the Authorized Teachers and Facilitators, we are now able to offer a set of new enriching and self-nourishing workshops delivered online.

These are intimate and personal online events which include personal initiations from Miranda and contain new information and techniques which can be applied within local restrictions on contact and distancing. Some are available for all women, and some are specifically for existing Moon Mothers.

For more information on the different types of workshop, cost, availability, and what you need to take part, please contact the local Organizers in each country.

Moon Maiden online workshop

Moon Maiden workshopThis workshop is for all women who wish to take the first step on a beautiful and profound path of female spirituality and personal growth and healing.

Whether you wish to grow and heal your own female energies, are intending to become a Moon Mother®, or are just thinking of perhaps becoming a Moon Mother® in the future, this workshop enables you to open more fully to the Love and Light of the Divine Feminine, to feel her energy inside you and in your life, and to bring healing and awakening to the four female archetypes that lie within you.

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The Moonlit Path online workshop for Moon Mothers

Moonlit Path workshopThis workshop is about being the ‘best ever you’, about growing in sensuality, in mindfulness, and in empathy and love. It brings transformation and awakening, but also shows you how to maintain your highest alignment and be your best self through the challenges of integration and Rebirth, of growing as a Moon Mother, and of living in a changing world.

The purpose of this workshop is to feel more loving and kind – and to feel good!

This workshop is for Moon Mothers at any Level.

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MotherLove and MotherLife Symbol Womb Blessing online workshops

Symbols workshopA qualified practitioner workshop for Level 2 and Level 3 Moon Mothers.

The Moon Mother® Symbols are a beautiful tool for Moon Mothers to share specific vibrations of MotherLight energy in healing.  A Symbol Initiation, however, attunes a Moon Mother to a specific symbol, enabling her to be a direct channel for the vibration and to offer Symbol Womb Blessing. Each symbol has its own unique vibration and focus for the Blessing’s transformation and awakening. Symbol Womb blessings are a gentle way to help women to deepen their specific spiritual awakening, and also a beautiful way for Moon Mothers to grow and to shine in their own awakening.

This workshop is for all Level 2 and Level 3 Moon Mothers who wish to journey deeper into the energies of the Divine Feminine and increase the types of Womb Blessing they can offer women.

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