The International Womb Tree Project

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The International Womb Tree Project is to create a pattern of sacred Womb Trees across the world as a very physical and visual reminder of the Womb Tree and the sacred energies that lie within every woman, and of the connection between all women.

You can dedicate a Womb Tree at any time but it is beautiful to dedicate it on a Worldwide Womb Blessing Day.

We women are all connected around the world through the beautiful energies of our wombs.

We are all connected physically through the DNA of our distant female ancestors.

We are all connected energetically through the link between our womb centre and the Earth Mother’s womb.

We are all connected through a single pattern of female energy that surrounds the Earth which is created by the light emanating from our womb centres.

We are all connected to the Moon – to her cycle of light and dark, and to her light that flows over us and through us.

We are all connected to the Universal Womb Tree whose roots grow deep into the Earth, drawing our own Womb Tree roots to the centre of the Earth, and whose branches reach up to the Moon and stars connecting our Womb Tree to the Moon and to the Universe.


The Womb Tree is an image that reflects the many levels of our individual energies and connections, and our connection and deep embodiment of the cycles of the Earth, the Moon and stars. The Womb Tree is the centre of who we are, the centre of our female energies and the centre of our empowerment.

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Womb Tree CertificateWomb Tree CertificateEuropean Format A4 / US Letter Format

The International Womb Tree Project
Launched July 2019 by Miranda Gray and international Moon Mothers in Ireland.

Join with thousands of other women creating a global network of sacred trees across the world celebrating and reflecting our feminine energies.

Anyone can dedicate a tree (or plant) at any time but to dedicate it on World Womb Blessing Day is extra special!