Personal Level 3 Distant Womb Blessings from Miranda

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Online Personal Womb Blessings from Miranda

‘Opening to Sacredness’ Womb Blessing

Whether you have been walking a Sacred Feminine path for a lifetime or just for a short time, this Womb Blessing is your opportunity to open to the Divine Feminine energies and acknowledge her call in your heart and the path she wishes you to walk.

This Blessing is an acknowledgement of the presence of the Sacred Feminine within our lives and within our body, and it is a request to Her to be more present within our awareness and to help us to build a beautiful and deepening relationship with Her.

If we are new to the Sacred Feminine, this Blessing is a way for us to confirm the call that we have heard in our heart and soul. If we are already walking the path, it is a way to open more fully to the Sacred Feminine and to show Her that we are ready to go further and deeper. If we are returning to the path, this is a way for us to acknowledge once again her call in our soul and our relationship with her.

This Blessing is also beautiful for women who have not been able to acknowledge the sacredness of their body, their wombs, or their cycles and phases, to feel the flow of the Divine Feminine blessing all aspects of themselves so that they feel that everything that they are is a sacred reflection of her energies. And the Blessing also helps all women going through changes and challenges in their lives to offer their situation to the Divine Feminine, to be taken into her arms and made sacred through her love. When we know a situation is made sacred, then we know that we will experience the best possible outcome for all.

If you are post-menopause, this Womb Blessing is a beautiful acknowledgement of your reflection of the Divine Feminine in this changing stage of life, a way for you to bless your body and all your changes as ’sacred’, and a way for you to dedicate this stage of your life to the Divine Feminine and to surrender to her will for us to change.

To receive this Womb Blessing is a statement that you are ready to return to who you are – a woman of the Sacred Feminine.

Over the Rebirth month, the sacredness that the Divine Feminine has planted within you will grow in each of the four Female Archetypes, bringing gentle and profound healing to your blocks and resistance to the feminine and to your fears and past hurts, and awakening the aspects of the feminine within yourself that desire to be expressed in a spiritual and sacred way.

You may like to find an object or image to have with you during this Blessing so that afterwards it is a reminder of your willingness to open to the Divine Feminine. It could be anything – a picture, a poem, a stone, a crystal, a pendant, a flower, a little bowl, or a statue…

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‘Opening to Peace’ Womb Blessing.

The Opening to Peace Womb Blessing is a beautiful moment when we align ourselves with the peace of the Divine Feminine and open to receive her Blessing to awaken our natural inner state of serenity.

Peace comes from the alignment and balance in our lives between the heavens and the Earth, the spiritual and the everyday, the inner world and the outer world, and the dynamic female energies and the receptive female energies.

Peace is contentment, the point of balance within ourselves and within our lives that comes from feeling complete within ourselves, feeling acceptance and love for ourselves and from expressing our authentic femininity in both our everyday world and in our spiritual world.

The Opening to Peace Womb Blessing gives you a sanctuary of peace to enable you to let go and to remember the natural state of serenity that lies within you at soul level so that you can refresh yourself before facing the challenging outside world.

But it also starts a change within you, awakening aspects of your four Female Archetypes that relate to the feeling of tranquillity within you. You awaken to the peace of the Maiden that comes from a sense of self, from being love in action and from having loving clarity unencumbered by chaotic emotions. You awaken to the peace of the Mother that comes from her abundance, from a feeling of being able to give, and from a feeling of empathy and compassion.  You also awaken to the peace of the Enchantress, from the peace that brings the courage to change, the peace that comes when you finally let go, and the peace that comes with deep intuition. And finally, you awaken to the peace that comes from the deep Crone, your soul level of being, where you can accept everything as it is, see the truth about yourself, and know that you are loved and accepted as an expression of the Divine Feminine.

We live in a hectic, chaotic, and challenging world. This Blessing awakens peace in your womb, in your heart, and in your mind, so like a flower bud it will unfurl. Sometimes peace will be hidden, sometimes you will feel it wash over you, but with each Blessing and each phase of your cycle and with each step of your life it will open and blossom.

This Blessing is a beautiful sanctuary for all women for peace and balance in your menstrual cycle and on your path of peri-menopause and post-menopause

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Maiden Womb Blessing: ‘Opening to empowerment and new beginnings’

The Divine Feminine carries in her white light all the colours of the rainbow – all the energies of the archetypes that are an expression of her being. An Archetype Womb Blessing focuses on one specific archetype’s vibration to restore the levels of the archetypes within us and to awaken aspects of the archetype that have been disconnected, blocked, repressed or are dormant. We all have aspects of our archetypes that are not yet part of who we are, and the Archetype Womb Blessings are a powerful way for us to consciously connect with the archetype within ourselves and within our cycles and bring Her unique gifts out into the world to become part of who we are.

The Maiden Archetype Womb Blessing brings us joy and hope, new energy, and new beginnings. She helps us to step out of our old self, appear renewed, and once more experience purity. She makes everything possible, removing doubt and self-criticism from our mind to replace it with self-belief, positive thoughts, self-confidence, and an excitement for life and for the future. Like the melting snow our blocks dissolve in her increasing energy, and like the Spring flowers our heart, our mind, and our womb open to new experiences. Like the first warm breeze of Spring, she brings into the world the scent of distant horizons, of expanded thoughts, and the excitement and anticipation of growing.

The Maiden Womb Blessing awakens aspects of her shining energy that have been hidden or asleep in our lives so that we can step out and enjoy sharing her gifts with the world.

Whatever our age, whether or not we have a womb, the Maiden makes us feel like a young girl again!

The Womb Blessing is wonderful to receive when you want to step into new beginnings and have motivation and new dreams for the future. In the Rebirth month, the Maiden energies will flow through each phase, bringing her energies to balance each archetype – helping to lift stagnation from your menstruation, remove aggression from the pre-menstrual phase, eliminate over-sacrificing of yourself from the ovulation phase, and bringing gentleness to an over-dominant ego in the pre-ovulation phase.

At the end of Rebirth, you may be aware of feeling more positive in all your phases, and more balanced and positive.

Post-menopause women may experience aspects of your younger self that you had long forgotten, a freedom to become more childlike in your appreciation of the world, and freedom from the constraints of adult responsibilities.

You may like to have an image or an object to represent the Maiden as a focus for this Womb Blessing.

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MotherLove Symbol Womb Blessing

Symbol Womb Blessings are a way to receive and awaken to a specific vibration of Divine Feminine energy. The Divine Feminine holds all energies in her white light, and in every Womb Blessing her light flows over us and through us, bathing all aspects and all levels of our self in her energy. Sometimes we may wish to receive a specific awakening of an aspect of ourselves as part of our healing, our personal growth and spiritual development.

Each Moon Mother Symbol is connected to a specific energy or ray of moonlight. Being attuned to the symbol’s energy means that a Moon Mother is a direct channel for the energy, and she can give a Symbol Womb Blessing where she not only receives the energy to restore herself but also to create an awakening of levels of herself that vibrate at the symbol’s vibration. We don’t have to know what the symbol energy is doing or why, we just need to be open and to enjoy the beautiful experience.

The MotherLove Symbol energy is a beautiful expression of the Divine Mother’s Love manifesting into the world. In the MotherLove Womb Blessing we are filled and surrounded by unconditional love – love for our femininity, for our body, for our thoughts and ideas, for our actions. There is nothing about us that is not loved and accepted and cared for and cherished. In this love lies protection from the challenges of the outer world, the strength to continue through adversity, the courage to reach out to others, and the confidence to accept and be who we are. This deep love flows through every aspect of our being, bringing love to each archetype, easing anxiety and fears through acceptance and support and a harbour from the storm in which to heal and recover.

At each level, aspects of our archetypes start to awaken more to unconditional love in our everyday life, in our relationships, and in our spiritual awareness. In Rebirth, subconscious patterns are gently released and dissolved, the ego is comforted and soothed. In the pre-ovulation phase,  the Maiden Archetype receives the gift of self-love; in the ovulation phase, the Mother Archetype receives the gift of self-acceptance; in the pre-menstrual phase, the Enchantress Archetype receives loving forgiveness; and at menstruation the Crone receives loving completeness.

For post-menopause women, the MotherLove Womb Blessing brings unconditional love to your archetypes, helping each one to feel accepted and loved and free to be expressed. When your archetypes know that they are welcomed and validated and given space to express themselves, then they stop fighting for your attention and disrupting your energies and your life so that they force you to take notice of them and of their wisdom about what you need to do to walk this new path of change with elegance and gracefulness.

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Awakening into Light Womb Blessing

This is currently the highest vibrational Womb Blessing that Moon Mothers can offer, and it focuses the renewal and awakening on all three levels of soul expression through the Four Female Archetypes. The archetypes express themselves through three levels or realms of vibration -everyday life, love, and spirit / light.

The Level 3 Womb Blessing awakens vibrational aspects of the four Female Archetypes that are expressed through the womb in everyday life. This level is often the most challenging for us, whatever our age, and the Blessing helps to balance either our menstrual cycle or our journey through peri-menopause and post-menopause on a physical, mental, and emotional level. It enables us to accept our cyclic nature and archetypes, to express the powers of the archetypes in our lives, and to live an empowered and wonderful female life. The energy centre for this level is the womb, which contains the joy, fluidity, and creativity of the feminine. This is the most important level of women’s being, and Level 1 Moon Mothers focus on this aspect.

The Level 3 Womb Blessing also awakens energy characteristics of the archetypes that are expressed through the heart and through the vibration of love. This level is about relationship – our relationship to our body, to the world, to our loved ones, and to the community of nature and humanity. The Blessing helps us to release the defences and blocks that we place around us in protection and brings the strength of love so that we have the courage to open, and to accept as well as give love. It helps us to see the love that creates growth and the love that creates sanctuary and sustenance, and it fills us with the love that eases the ego, soothes our individual fears, releases our individuality, and helps us to flow through life with the Mother’s love of all. Level 2 Moon Mothers focus both on the womb and heart centres, bringing awakening to these two levels of the archetypes and to the flow between the two centres.

What makes the Level 3 Womb Blessing special is that it also awakens energy aspects of the archetypes that are expressed through the energy centre that lies within our head. This level of soul expression is about consciousness and perception – our interaction and relationship with the spiritual.

Each archetype brings its own unique enhanced perception of reality. This level is about how we perceive the spiritual aspects of the world we live in, and of who we are as an expression of the Divine Feminine and an embodiment of the cycles of the Universe. The Blessing helps us to see our monthly cycle and our menopause path as sacred journeys from the outer manifest world into the inner spiritual world, and to realise that we are creatures of two worlds – equally valid, powerful, and enabling forces in our lives.

Through this awakening we begin to see the Universe as the physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine and ourselves as her expression. We begin to feel the reflection of the cycles of the earth, Moon, life, and Universe in our own cycles and in our own life path.

As aspects of the Archetypes of this level awaken, we find wisdom flowing into our thoughts, clarity and insight appearing in sudden realisations, an intuition that guides us to action, and a deep inner knowing that all is well, that we are safe, and that everything is an expression of the creative energy of the Universe.

Together the awakening of all three energy centres and the balancing of the flow between them makes the Level 3 Womb Blessing a gentle, beautiful, and powerful Blessing.

Like all Blessings, there is a month of Rebirth after the Level 3 Womb Blessing, and in this month it is beautiful to focus on all three areas of your life – to bring the spiritual into your relationship with loved ones and into your everyday activities and cycle, if you have one.

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