Moon Mother Level 1 Training Workshops

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Join thousands of Moon Mothers worldwide helping women to awaken to their authentic female energies and empowerment!

Moon Mother Level 1To be a Moon Mother is to walk with the Earth Mother under the light of the Full Moon on a path of self-development and spiritual-development through the sharing of the Womb Blessing attunement and Womb Healing with other women. Each Womb Blessing attunement awakens the authentic femininity of women to bring love, healing and empowerment, and to release more aspects of their female creativity, sexuality and spirituality into their lives.

Moon Mother Level 1 Training workshop:

The Divine Feminine energies are needed in the world now more than ever. Women are crying out to connect once again to the sacred feminine, both within their bodies and in the world around them.

Thousands of women from over 150 countries take part five times a year in the Worldwide Womb Blessing, showing us that there is a great need worldwide for local Moon Mothers to help women to restore their connection to the Divine Feminine in order to bring healing and feelings of empowerment.

Walking a path of awakening our authentic femininity and living our full female energies keeps us confident in our body, sexuality, spirituality and creativity, and offers us freedom from the guilt and pain of being a woman in a masculine world.

The Moon Mother Level 1Training Workshop is a two-day certificated course:

  • During the first day you will receive the beautiful Moon Mother initiation of love and light so you may hold and share the energy of the Divine Feminine through the beautiful Womb Blessing attunement – Female Energy Awakening.
  • Each day opens you more fully to being a bearer of the Womb Blessing energy, builds your confidence in giving the attunement, provides information about being a practitioner, and includes additional techniques and meditations, including the Womb Healing-Female Energy Balancing and taking an active role in the Worldwide Womb Blessing.
  • You will receive a comprehensive manual, and at the end of the workshop you will be certified as an authorised ‘Miranda Gray Moon Mother’ and your details included on the online list of authorized Moon Mothers.
  • As a certified Miranda Gray Moon Mother, you will be authorized to offer Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings as therapies, for which you may charge a fee. You can offer these therapies alongside other therapies and practices (but you may not mix the techniques).

Womb Blessing Level 1 Training Workshops

A path of personal spiritual development

Working with the Womb Blessing energies changes us and changes our lives. Being a ‘Moon Mother’ is a path for bringing the spiritual energies of the Divine Feminine into everyday life and connecting women in a single, loving, spiritual, and female family.

Each Womb Blessing attunement is a loving gift of healing and awakening and may be part of the healing therapies you already offer, or a new path for you to help women. Womb Blessings can be offered to help women through transitions and changes in their lives, they can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge first menstruation, marriage, motherhood, and menopause, and they can be part of a spiritual path for individual women or for women’s circles and groups.

Moon Mother benefits – feeling good!

  • Moon Mother Level 1 workshopsFeeling good by answering your heart’s call and following your soul’s path.
  • Feeling good by walking a rapid path of personal spiritual awakening and personal development through giving Womb Blessings attunements. Every time you give a Womb Blessing you receive one, deepening your own healing and awakening and your connection to your authentic femininity and the sacred feminine energies.
  • Feeling good by staying connected to the love and light of the Divine Feminine, through giving regular Womb Blessings, keeping you strong and centred in her energies whatever life throws at you.
  • Feeling good by helping women, either by starting a NEW PATH of being a practising Moon Mother, or by offering Womb Blessing attunements and Womb Healings alongside your existing therapies.
  • Feeling good by changing the world through actively taking part in sending energy with Miranda at each Worldwide Womb blessing.
  • Feeling good by being part of a rapidly expanding movement of passionate Moon Mothers who support each other, share experiences and grow in authentic femininity together.
  • Feeling good by growing in your knowledge through having access to more resources and information from Miranda and from experienced Moon Mothers.
  • Feeling good by meeting other Moon Mothers in Moon Mother-only groups and national and international events.

Who can take part in the workshop?

There are NO requirements to take part in the workshop, just a heart’s call to walk this path! Students need to be over 18 years old.

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See Moon Mothers and Becoming a Moon Mother

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An energy-intense, practical and information rich two-day practitioner workshop for women who feel the call in their hearts to help women to awaken to their authentic femininity and help them to live a better, more ‘female’ life.

Day 1: The first step on a beautiful path to becoming a Moon Mother

Moon Mother Level 1 workshopsThis is a life-changing day of intense energy-work, peaceful meditation, personal spiritual connection, release and clearing, and a day of discovering how to hold the love and light of the Divine Feminine in attunement.

  • Introduction to the womb centre, the Womb Blessing and the beauty of being a Moon Mother.
  • A beautiful Moon Mother Initiation ceremony – with a gift.
  • An introduction to Country Co-ordination and Moon Mother support.
  • Step-by-step learning of the Womb Blessing attunement sequence.
  • Plenty of practice, both in giving and receiving the Womb Blessing attunement.
  • Understanding and supporting the birthing process.

Day 2: Love and Light and Learning

Moon Mother Level 1 workshopsAn information-rich day of energy-work, techniques, transformation, healing and love.

  • Additional techniques to help you to hold more energy.
  • Giving and receiving the full Womb Blessing sequence.
  • The energy work behind the Womb Blessing Meditation.
  • Being a Moon Mother practitioner.
  • What is the Womb Healing – and when to use it.
  • Giving and receiving the Womb Healing.
  • Taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing as a Moon Mother
  • Moon Mother Full Moon Meditation
  • Cauldron Energiser

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive and informative manual outlining all the sequences.
  • A Womb-Sister to support you in your birthing.
  • Certification as a Moon Mother, and listing on the ‘International Authorised Moon Mothers’.
  • Access to the Level 1 Moon Mother-only login area and the additional resources in different languages.
  • The Moon Mother logo for use in promotional materials.
  • A welcome from your volunteer Country Co-ordinator, offering support and information on resources, services and groups in your country.

Got a question? Ask a Country Co-ordinator.

Want to talk to Moon Mothers? See the online communities

Attending the workshop:

  • All women, with or without a cycle or a womb, may attend the workshop. The youngest Moon Mother is 18 years old and the eldest is 81.
  • You do not need any experience of energy work to become Moon Mother – you just need a call in your heart!
  • Miranda gives her training in English, but the majority of workshops have translation and manuals are offered in a variety of languages. Her other teachers can offer languages other than English.
  • Organisers may ask you to bring additional items, but all students need to bring a white shawl and two small bowls to be their Womb Bowls.

Breast feeding mothers are welcome, but the baby will not be allowed in the work rooms. We suggest that someone brings the child to the venue only during the breaks. But please note that we cannot accurately predict all the break times, and there will be some activities where a mother cannot leave the room.

Physical disabilities – please let your organiser know IN ADVANCE of any physical disabilities so that she can check accessibility and work with Miranda to provide alternative resources and techniques if required. You are welcome to bring a ‘carer’ (no charge) but there will be times when the carer will need to leave the room.

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