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Thank you from Miranda

The Womb Blessing is not a path that we walk alone.

There are so many women (and men) behind the scenes who I would like to thank. Without their help, there would be no Worldwide Womb Blessing, no Moon Mothers and no awakening of women. I am simply the figurehead of their work, love and commitment to the women of the world. 

I would like to share these wonderful people with you and to offer both my thanks and yours…

The Moon Weaver Circle without their passion and help we would not have the growing Worldwide Womb Blessing community, the Moon Mother Academy, the International Facebook Training Circles, social projects and new resources, the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletter, emails and beautiful banners, and of course this amazing and fast growing website.

All Volunteer online and Manual translators – without your help there would be no worldwide aspect to the Womb Blessing. You are the hidden fairies who from love and commitment help us to reach so many women. You have my deepest love and gratitude.

The Newsletter Team – to all the editors, developers, translators and artists, you offer women the amazing gift of five Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletters per year in 7 different languages.

The Country Contact Teams and Representatives – thank you from me and from the women and Moon Mothers of your country for your love and the care that you offer, and for your soul path of growing the Blessing in your country.

MM Bettina who took over the development of the new website from Richard and me, and with skill, commitment, determination and love, has not only created this amazing site but is also the volunteer website developer and content manager. This new site had been an enormous task and it is still growing. Thank you for everything Bettina, it is amazing!

MM Heidi who runs the  Worldwide Womb Blessing Facebook page with Richard my husband.

MM Shila without her support I could not organise so many workshops in a year!

All website and email artists – whose beautiful artwork is so inspiring and in harmony with the awakening of femininity in the world.

All the Moon Mothers – thank you for listening to the call in your heart and for stepping outside of your comfort zone. You share the Blessing – the Personal Blessing and the Worldwide Womb Blessing – with the women that I cannot reach. You are so important not just in the growth of the Worldwide Womb Blessing but also in the awakening of women and in the creation of a legacy so that women in the future never lose this information about themselves again. 

All volunteer Helpers – it is such a joy to meet you and to feel your love and support for all women and for myself. You embody the Maiden and Mother energies even when you are Enchantress and Crone!

All the Moon Guardians – the men behind the scenes who support their partners in their personal and public awakening and in the Blessing work. And all the men who take part in the Worldwide Gift for Men, who share this invitation with other men, and who run groups to receive the Gift.

My publishers – without your belief in my work it would not reach so many women.

My own Moon Guardian, my husband Richard – who has supported me and the women of the Womb Blessing selflessly with all his heart and love. There would not be a Worldwide Womb Blessing or Moon Mothers without his technical, practical and emotional support. There are not enough words for me to express my deep appreciation for having such a wonderful man in my life and in my work.

To everyone, my heart-felt love and soul-full gratitude,

Miranda xx

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