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Moon Mother® training and empowering workshops

Miranda GrayMiranda Gray and her authorized teachers and facilitators offer a number of Moon Mother workshops specifically for women who wish to walk an active path of female self-development and well-being through helping others by sharing the Womb Blessing attunement.

Miranda and authorized teachers also offer workshops to empower women to live in harmony with their authentic femininity and to walk a path of female wholeness and love.

Workshops are offered in many different countries across the world, usually with translation into the local language to reach as many women as possible.

The Womb Blessing®: Female Energy Awakening System

  • A path of helping women, and also of growing personally and spiritually through sharing the Womb Blessing.

Female Conscious Living workshops

  • A path of personal development through understanding our female archetypes and cyclic nature, and a path of living our best possible lives as women.


The Womb Blessing®: Female Energy Awakening System

The Womb Blessing: Female Energy Awakening System consists of a number of levels of training for women to

help other women,
with or without a womb or a cycle,
to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment and
to express the beauty of their authentic femininity and
walk their soul’s purpose in the world.

Moon Mother trainingThe system was founded in 2012 by Miranda Gray, an inspirational spiritual teacher and writer, and the originator of the ‘Worldwide Womb Blessing – A global meditation and energy healing for female awakening’. Miranda has 20 years’ experience in female energy work and in teaching energy attunement and healing. She is the author of a number of internationally successful books for women.

The system is based on the vibration of the Divine Feminine energy Miranda shares in the Worldwide Womb Blessing, and on attunement and healing techniques created specifically for the unique energy structure of women, their cyclic nature, the four female archetypal energies, and women’s natural spirituality.

Starting your path to awaken women and yourself

Summary of the Womb Blessing® System
Moon Mother® Level 1 Training workshops
Moon Mother® Level 2 Training workshops
Advanced Moon Mother® Mentor Training workshop

Support as you grow and help others

Complementary Days
Certificated Training Support Days

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Female Conscious Living workshops

How we can live more in harmony with our cyclic nature in a world that doesn’t let us!

Miranda offers information ranging from the spiritual to the practical, from mythology to our sexual energies, from work performance to manifesting your dreams, and from creating happiness and contentment to healing and balancing your cycle and your journey into post-menopause.

Red Moon workshop:
Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle

Based on Miranda’s internationally successful book ‘Red Moon’, this one-day experiential workshop is open to all women. Working with the ancient wisdom of women:

  • Red Moon workshopUnderstand why you feel and behave the way you do and how you can gain balance and bring healing to your cycle.
  • Learn how to feel happiness and wellbeing in every phase, and reduce ‘cycle stress’.
  • Discover the amazing gifts your cycle offers you.
  • Encounter the natural spiritual that lies in your female body and your connection to the Divine Feminine.

An interactive, fun and informative day, with lots of ‘OMG that’s me!’ moments, presented in a safe and loving sanctuary of the feminine. Miranda also shares her own personal background, her artwork to illustrate our monthly journey, and a beautiful archetypal group healing.

Recommended for all women, and especially for all levels of Moon Mothers.

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The Optimized Woman workshop:
Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfilment

Within our cyclic nature are a number of ‘Optimized Times’ – days when we experience enhanced abilities.

  • Optimized Woman workshopFind out how to love the concepts of ‘Red Moon’ in everyday life in practical ways to build happiness and wellbeing
  • Discover how to apply your ‘Optimized’ phase skills to your work to get better performance, more success, and greater fulfilment.
  • Learn how to use the natural female-specific life-coaching approach based on your cyclic nature to achieve your goals and dreams.

You will never look at your life in the same way again!

In this information-rich one-day workshop, Miranda takes a practical and everyday approach to creating cycle wellbeing, improving our performance at work and achieving our goals in a uniquely female and natural way for women. Based on Miranda’s book ‘The Optimized Woman’.

Miranda is also available to offer this workshop for companies and organisations.

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Meeting the Crone: accepting her and living her energies in our lives

Meeting the Crone workshopThe first in a series of one-day energy workshops based on the four female archetypes.

  • Deepen your understanding of the Crone and your energies at menstruation.
  • Understand the Crone’s gifts, and learn how to be in harmony with her.
  • Understand our journey into the ultimate stage of female development – post-menopause.
  • Receive a powerful attunement to the Crone Mother, to awaken her wisdom and receive her deep healing.

Available for all women.

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