Men and the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

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It is wonderful to see a huge passion from women worldwide to include men in the Womb Blessing events, and a deep desire to see men grow in their authentic masculinity and be included as brothers as we all walk the path of Earth and Moon, love and light, together.

Men taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing® events

The Gift for MenIn ancient beliefs, men were seen as sons of the Universal Feminine and their energies were validated, cherished and cared for by women. And in return, men supported their women as they danced the cycle of their nature, of the moon and of the stars, acting as guardians of female space and grounding their flowing and changing energies.

There are many men who wish to take an active role in the Worldwide Womb Blessing to help support their partners, family members and friends in their awakening to their female energies.

We have four wonderful support meditations which can be practised by men in a partnership or within a mixed Worldwide Womb Blessing Group:

  • Moon Meditation for men: This meditation empowers you as a Champion for the Divine Feminine and deepens your connection to her so that she becomes part of your life and actions. You can also do this meditation while your partner, or the women in the group, are receiving the Womb Blessing.
  • Meeting the Moon Mother Archetype: A beautiful way to feel the gentle Divine Mother’s embrace and support.
  • The Guardian Meditation: This meditation helps you to find your authentic masculine energies within the community of women. You can do this meditation to hold the energy of the space for your partner, or for women in the group, as they take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing meditations.
  • Healing the Mother Ancestors meditation for men: This is a gentle meditation to connect with your Mother Ancestors. It can be done on your own, or with a group of women, on the Crone’s Worldwide Womb Blessing Day or as an affirmation of being a son of the Divine Feminine.

The Gift of Divine Feminine love for men

Everyone needs love; to know that they are enough, to feel happy, centred and strong within themselves. In The Gift, the Divine Feminine offers this to all men whatever their age.

  • The Gift validates, makes sacred and awakens men’s own authentic nature through the female energies.
  • The Gift is Divine Feminine love, serenity, beauty and strength, offered to validate and confirm all levels of a man’s being.
  • The Gift opens up a new way for men and women to create and grow in their relationships.
  • The Gift gives men a connection to the Divine Feminine.
  • The Gift helps men to heal the pain, fear and repression of authentic masculinity current in the world.
  • The Gift helps women to help their partners, sons and family members to heal, to grow and to awaken to their true nature.
  • The Gift helps men to honour the sacredness in their partner and for their partner to honour the sacredness within them.

It is wonderful to see couples receiving personal Gifts and Womb Blessings together as part of their spiritual relationship and expression of love.

To find a Level 2 or a Level 3 Moon Mother to receive a Personal Gift see > the International list of Moon Mothers.