International Online Meditations

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Online meditations with Miranda

Earth Mother Meditation

This beautiful meditation is designed to help us to let go of our fears and to open ourselves up to the sensuality and strength of the Earth Mother.

Our Yoni is our connection between the deep inner magic of our womb and the love of the Earth Mother. When we relax, feel safe, and open our Yoni, the graceful love and light of the Earth Mother flows up into our womb energy centre, bringing us alignment, balance, centredness, sensuality, and the strength of feminine power and magic.

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is part of the meditation. The Blessing can help all women to heal their Yoni so that their womb energy centre can open more fully to the energies of the Earth Mother and receive her support, love, and strength – both within their womb and in their life. The Blessing also brings deep healing to the connection between the Yoni and the womb, and between the Yoni and the Earth, releasing blocks, healing scars, removing resistance, and protecting vulnerability so that it has a safe space to heal in its own time.

With every season a different vibration of the Earth Mother’s energy and love flows up through the Yoni into the womb centre and fills us with the energy and gifts of one of the Four Female Archetypes as expressed by the Earth Mother. Sadly, because the intellect and ego have become more important in the modern world than the worlds of Nature and spirit, we subconsciously block or ignore the link between Yoni and Earth Mother. We fear letting go to the Sacred Feminine because we do not understand her flow, her changes from light to dark to light, and we see ourselves losing control.

So instead of opening our Yoni and womb more fully and letting go, we try to ‘hold on’, to control our cycles, and we try to avoid the emotional, intuitive, and physical sensitivity our phases bring us. So we disconnect from the Earth Mother, because her presence is fluid and we expect to be constant. But when we soothe the fears and the blocks dissolve, we finally open our Yoni and our womb and welcome the Earth Mother’s energies to flow freely up into our womb centre. She then helps us to feel at home in our body, that we belong on Earth, that we are part of a magical lineage of female ancestors, and to feel that through our beautiful cycles and cyclic energies we dance with the Earth Mother’s presence.

There is a deep peace and strength that comes from receiving the love of the Earth Mother through our Yoni and into our womb. Everyday stress drops, our shoulders relax, we feel the Earth Mother’s love and acceptance of our body and of who we are, and in return we can accept our body, our cycles, our path of menopause change, our sensuality and sexual energies.

For post-menopause women the link between the Earth Mother and the Yoni and womb centre changes. The Earth-Yoni Blessing helps us to adjust to this change, to keep the Yoni fully open, and to become aware of the new depth of the connection between Yoni and Earth Mother.

For those participants who wish to share this Blessing with other women, Miranda will outline the technique of giving the Earth-Yoni Blessing, and the accompanying certificate acknowledges that the participant has received the Earth-Yoni Blessing and training from Miranda.

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Meeting the Archetypes Meditation

The storyteller sits by the fire, and when everyone is silent, she begins to weave her magic.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of bringing healing, realisation, and change. The mind does not differentiate between the story and ‘reality’, so what we experience and feel in a story makes subtle changes that grow out of the subconscious and into our everyday awareness.

This beautiful meditation will guide you through the realms of the Four Female Archetypes so that you can intimately connect each of the archetypes that lie within you, and travel the flow from one energy to the next to become aware of the complete experience of the flow of energies of your cycle, and to recognise who you are. In each realm you will receive a gift from each of your archetypes to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Experiencing this story in meditation will bring new awareness of the whole of your cycle, and of how important it is for all of us to honour the archetypes as they appear within ourselves and in the women we know.  

By experiencing how we only spend a little time with each archetype we can learn to appreciate her more; by experiencing how each archetype leads into the next, we can understand how important it is to accept and express every phase of our menstrual cycle. And when we live in harmony with the flow of the cycle, we can discover new things about ourselves – new creative powers and abilities – and most of all we can discover the great joy and happiness that comes with authentic femininity.

Whether or not we have a cycle, the archetypes are a part of who we are – and if we are post-menopause, acknowledging and accepting all aspects of our archetypes is a powerful and gentle way to walk our path of change into the next stage of female life development.

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Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine Meditation

Just as the Sacred Feminine has been hidden, so has the Sacred Masculine. Often our relationship to the Sacred Masculine has become distorted by the masculine-dominated cultures that we live in. This soft yet powerful meditation can be a first step towards creating a new healing relationship which can become reflected in our own relationships and in our society.

In this meditation we meet the Sacred Masculine under the branches and protection of the Womb Tree, enfolded in the loving Summer energies of the Mother. We take the first step to meet the Sacred Masculine, not in the form of a man but in the form of a Spirit Animal. This is a meditation of relaxation, of love, and of simple allowing, so that the Sacred Masculine can show you who he is in relationship to the Sacred Feminine embodied within you.

Just as the feminine has four archetypes, there are four relationships between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. It doesn’t matter what age we are, whether or not we have a cycle, the feminine and the masculine are catalysts for each other. This meditation is equally beautiful for all women, because the Sacred Masculine energies lie within our family, our friends, and our colleagues. But it is also beautiful for women in a new relationship, or for women whose relationship has met the tests of time.

This gentle meditation offers us a new relationship with the Sacred Masculine. All it takes is a small step.

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Moon Animals Meditation

The Moon Goddess has traditionally been associated with animals, and each of us has our own spirit animals, or ‘Moon Animals’, associated with our womb energy centre through the image of the Womb Tree.

Our Moon Animals are our guides, our messengers from the Moon, and our Four Female Archetypes, to help us to flow with our cyclic energies and experience the spiritual, sensual, and creative energies of our femininity. When we desire to meet them, they respond to our call – and from the air and water, from the earth and forest, they come to us to guide us as we walk the spiralling path of our cycles.

Each animal brings its own wisdom and energy into our lives – sometimes just for the few days of the phase of our cycle or of the phase of the Moon, and sometimes to walk beside us for a life-time.

The Moon Animals help us to balance the light and the dark, the inner and outer, and to realise that our nature is made from both of these worlds. For example, the creatures of the sea teach us how to flow with our path, the otter shows us how to be playful, the owl enables us to see with intuition, and the unicorn teaches us the magical transformation of the spiralling path of our cycles and of the Moon’s cycles. Each animal brings something unique to our healing, and each animal works with different levels of our being.

This meditation is an adaptation of the meditation first published in the book ‘Red Moon’ by Miranda.  In the meditation you will meet your current Moon Animals and start a journey of discovery and delight with them. Throughout your cycle you can connect to them for help and protection, and for wisdom and healing.

Moon Animals can have a very special role in a post-menopause woman’s life. As messengers from the archetypes, they move through our subconscious, helping us to reclaim the magic that lies within the archetypes and to feel the childlike excitement and joy of new mystical adventure and the promise of an amazing new life. Our Moon Animals walk alongside us, fly ahead of us, or even carry us as we walk the path of life change.

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Universal Womb Tree Meditation

The Womb Tree is a symbol of the female energy structure, but it is also a symbol of Universal Female Energy. It is a beautiful image for all women to use to connect to the highest and deepest levels of the feminine.

 In this beautiful, transcendent meditation we meet as a group under the branches of the Universal Womb Tree, standing on her roots.

To touch the Universal Womb Tree is to invite a new relationship with the Divine Feminine and to invite change. So we approach the tree with openness, trust, and love, and discover with delight that these energies are returned to us multiplied by the Universal Mother.

The light and energies of Universal Mother flow over you and through you, bringing seeds of higher perception and higher energies into your being to start a resonance that calls your soul-path into your life. With a heightened awareness of the Divine Feminine flowing through your cycles and of the Full Moon lighting your path, love and joy for your life purpose will guide you in everyday life.

Through this meditation you will connect to the upper realms of the Womb Tree to open to the higher values of light and love, of centeredness and strength, of peace and grounding, and invite them into your being. The meditation will seed small changes within yourself, and it will be a delight to see them grow in your everyday world.

The Universal Womb Tree holds all women under her protective branches, and the energies of the higher realm of the Tree are very important for women journeying the path of post-menopause. As we pass from the cyclic stage of the Mother into the darkening stages of the Enchantress and Crone, the Universal Womb Tree becomes more and more a part of who we are. This meditation can be a first contact, a recognition and an invitation to this part of ourselves.

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