Symbols online workshop

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Symbols workshop

MotherLove and MotherLife Symbol Womb Blessing® workshop

A qualified practitioner workshop for Level 2 and Level 3 Moon Mothers®.

Learn how to give the NEW SYMBOL WOMB BLESSINGS®

The Moon Mother® Symbols are a beautiful tool for Moon Mothers to share specific vibrations of MotherLight energy in healing.  A Symbol Initiation, however, attunes a Moon Mother to a specific symbol, enabling her to be a direct channel for the vibration and to offer Symbol Womb Blessing. Each symbol has its own unique vibration and focus for the Blessing’s transformation and awakening. Symbol Womb blessings are a gentle way to help women to deepen their specific spiritual awakening, and also a beautiful way for Moon Mothers to grow and to shine in their own awakening.

This workshop is for all Level 2 and Level 3 Moon Mothers who wish to journey deeper into the energies of the Divine Feminine and increase the types of Womb Blessing® they can offer women.

This is a full day of energy-work with a practitioner qualification.

The one-day workshop is live with Miranda, and class sizes are deliberately small with a maximum of 20 students so that Miranda can give a personal live initiation to each student and in order to create an intimate temple-space.

Supporting documents include:

  • Symbols to print out for Receivers.
  • Symbol meditation sheet for Receivers.
  • Notes on each symbol’s energies
  • A step by step illustrated sequence on how to give a Symbol Womb Blessing – based on the new 2020 ‘no-breath’ sequence.
  • Daily self-healing meditation.
  • An outline of how to channel the symbol energy in a Womb Healing

Where possible we will try to provide these resources in the language of each workshop, otherwise they will be in English. Please check with the workshop Organiser.

Please note: We will be practising the Symbol Womb Blessings, but you do not need to stand up for this. Ensure that you have space around you so that you can move your arms outwards without hitting anything.

Why take this workshop:

A path of personal development:

The Symbol Initiations can be a way for us to grow, and to unfold a little more of our unique femininity. They can be part of a self-development path, where with each Blessing we give we have the opportunity to journey inwards, to become more open to the Divine Feminine, and to explore the amazing women that we are.

A path of Moon Mother Symbol Womb Blessings®:

As we grow as Moon Mothers, we are able to hold more energy at a higher vibration for longer, so we can offer more types of Blessings to women. The Symbol Womb Blessings are a way for us to offer women more specific help and quicker ways to move out of the low vibrational patterns that bind them, to support them easily, and to gently unfold their true nature.

A path towards becoming a level 3 Moon Mother®:

For those who are at Level 2 and wish to become Level 3 Moon Mothers, symbol initiations can help you to move more quickly on your Moon Mother path by creating changes and carrying out clearing and healing in advance of other Moon Mother® workshops. This enables you to flow more quickly, easily, and confidently into the next level of your active role.

Symbol Womb Blessings®

Why a Symbol Womb Blessing?

Within the white light of the Full Moon are all the colours of the rainbow, softened by the feminine. A Moon Mother symbol is a physical pattern that holds a specific vibration of this Divine Feminine energy. In the Womb Healings we send symbols, and their associated energies, into our Receiver’s energy centres and aura to enhance the healing, to restore energies and to bring balance.

A Symbol initiation, however, connects a Moon Mother to a symbol’s vibration so that she can directly channel the energy in a Symbol Womb Blessing, bringing deeper transformation and awakening to specific aspects of the Receiver. Moon Mothers can also use the Attuned Symbol to channel its vibration in the Womb Healing.

What is a Symbol Womb Blessing?

The Symbol Womb Blessing connects a Receiver deeply with the symbol’s specific vibration of feminine energy, helping her to awaken particular aspects of her Archetypes to bring her into alignment with this vibration of the Divine Feminine. It brings a wider awakening and healing at all vibrational levels.

Symbol Womb Blessings are gentle yet powerful, and help us to feel more at home in our female energies.

Why these symbols?

There will be a number of online Symbol Womb Blessings workshops which will offer attunement to a series of Moon Mother Symbols.

We are starting with MotherLove, because this energy is essential for Moon Mothers in their role, and with MotherLife because in the current world we can all feel a little run down, lose our joy of life, and feel less confidence and wellbeing. We could all benefit from a little boost in vitality, happiness and confidence!

For dates, cost, availability, and what you need to take part, please contact the local Organizers in each country.

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