Inspire and share!

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Why spread the word about the Womb Blessing attunement?

If it feels good – then share it and let someone else enjoy the experience!

If you enjoy being part of a global group of women walking a path of change, exploration and support – then inspire others to walk with you!

The main vision of the Womb Blessing is very simple – to share the awakening and healing of authentic femininity with as many woman around the world as possible.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing first started in 2012 when Miranda sent out 20 emails – and the result was 6,029 women from 80 countries taking part in the first worldwide event. So if we all reached out to someone and invited them, imagine how many more women would hear about the Blessing?!

How to spread the word

Easy steps:

  • Tell everyone! After your Womb Blessing, tell everyone about how it felt, share photos, and share how you feel you are changing and how your life is transforming. Your personal stories are the best inspiration and encouragement you can give to other women!
  • Share information. Forward the newsletter for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing to as many women as you can. You will be surprised and delighted by who wants to take part!
  • Remind everyone. Post details from the Womb Blessing newsletter and the reminder email on your social media. Women are busy and forget to register, so help them to remember and encourage them to take part because it feels good!

Reaching out:

  • Join your official Facebook page run by your Country co-ordinator and other pages run by Moon Mothers. Offer your help, ask for ideas and become part of the active groups of women spreading the Womb Blessing.
  • Share the Womb Blessing graphic banners and badges on you social media and on your websites. Show everyone that you have taken part and want them to experience the Blessing for themselves! See Badges
  • Look for a Worldwide Womb Blessing group to attend. This way you will meet like-minded women in your local area – and also the experience of the Womb Blessing is greater in a group.
  • Invite your sisters, mother, aunts, grandmothers to take part. There is no age limit for receiving the Womb Blessing – our eldest participant is 91 years old! It feels good whatever your age.

Going deeper:

Groups can be as small as two friends, they can be family groups, private groups or large public groups. They can start small with a few women, but if everyone brings a friend your group will grow!

Groups can be held anywhere – at home, in a park, in an office, in a yoga centre, via Skype or web-conferencing software, or event in a Sim world. Use your imagination, passion and creativity to create the group you want to go to!

  • Create your own Facebook page about the Worldwide Womb Blessing in your local area.
  • Tell your area Representative and Country co-ordinator about your group so she can let women know about it. She can also help you with questions and ideas.