The Worldwide Womb Blessing® Community and you

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What is the purpose of the Worldwide Womb Blessing® Community?

The aim of the Worldwide Womb Blessing Community is to share the Womb Blessing attunement with all women, to help them to awaken to their authentic femininity, to live the best aspects of their femininity and to live a joyful, impassioned, free, creative, sexual and spiritual life.

Why get ‘active’ in the Worldwide Womb Blessing® Community?

Loneliness is the feeling that comes from not being able to share or express who we truly are with other people. We can be in a room of people or family and still feel lonely.

The global Womb Blessing Community is about women awakening to their authentic femininity and sharing their journey, their discoveries, their passion, creativity and spirituality with other likeminded women.

We have

  • women taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing from isolated locations around the world
  • women who are the only one in their community who feels that there is more to being a woman that what their upbringing and society tells them
  • some who are young and are just starting their journey as women
  • women who are elders with life experience

All these women share one thing – a cry within them that says something is missing: the full beauty and power of what it means to be a woman.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing Community and Worldwide Womb Blessing Groups provide women with a way to connect with other women, to no longer feel alone or isolated, and to no longer feel ‘different’ or ‘bad’.

What is the vision of the Worldwide Womb Blessing®?

The Vision is to create a harmonious and peaceful world by awakening all women, regardless of their social status, origin, sexuality, religion or ethnicity, to their authentic feminine nature. It is to create healing, harmony and empowerment in women’s lives and connect them into a worldwide community of women honouring the Divine Feminine which supports them with love, compassion and understanding.

Our focus:

  • All women are welcome and seen as equal, regardless of ethnicity, background, language, sexual orientation, spirituality or religion, financial situation, work status, learning, environment, age or experience.
  • All women are accepted and supported regardless of their life and body decisions.
  • To offer love and appreciate all women and validate their worth.
  • To use the general terms ‘Divine Feminine’ or ‘Sacred Feminine’, leaving women free to use the terms and names that resonate for them, and all terms that they use are equally respected and honoured.
  • To focus on promoting sharing and non-competition between women.
  • To welcome all men who feel called in their hearts to share in and support the awakening of authentic femininity and female spirituality.
  • To celebrate and encourage women’s individuality, passion and creativity.
  • To honour the awakening of men as sacred.