Volunteer Project Mothers

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Project Mothers

The Project Mothers are talented Moon Mothers who have committed their lives to the Vision of the Womb Blessing and who are dedicated in taking the Womb Blessing into the future. Their practical role is to manage all the international projects and activities that support and expand the Vision of the Womb Blessing and the family of Moon Mothers.

Meet our Project Mothers:

Ursula Schroder

Languages: Spanish and English
Nationality: Argentinian

Ursula is the International Coordination Manager and Level 1 teacher of Moon Mother for Argentina. She has been coordinator for Argentina and organizer of workshops for Miranda. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, specializing in genetics and evolution, and has worked as a manager and auditor in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutrition industries. She is currently teaching biology and coordinates the Oxford International Baccalaureate program. She is also a practitioner of trans-cultural shamanism, Chi Kung and TaoYoga and as a nature lover, she works passionately to inspire young people to build a sustainable, peaceful world, full of equal opportunities.

Bettina Kreissl Lonfat

Languages: German, French and English
Nationality: Swiss

Bettina is the responsible for Web Development and Content Managment for the worldwide Womb Blessing and Moon Mothers. She is Workshop Manual, additional materials and International Translations Manager. She also supports Miranda Gray's International Workshop admin and workshop development and testing, supports workshop organisers in their tasks and works closely with Richard and Miranda for the new Menopause Womb Blessing and Moon Mother Gathering.
She used to be a translator, interpreter and organiser for French and German, supports Country Contact Teams in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium, and is Moon Mother Level 1 Workshop Teacher.

Bettina’s background includes degrees in philosophy, history of ideas and literature, the translation of medieval manuscripts, volunteer work in international think tanks and research in practical ethics, plus running her own web media and publishing business and building her own energy teaching and healing practice.

The purpose of the international Moon Weaver Circle:

Manifesting the Vision of the Womb Blessing® into the world and into the future

The Moon Weaver Circle works personally with Miranda to organise and manage all the amazing volunteers, Moon Mothers and projects around the world. It is a huge job, but when a few women get together in love and vision amazing things start to flow!

The focus of the Moon Weaver Circle is to:

  • manifest the Vision of the Womb Blessing into the world
  • manage the free international projects and volunteers that manifest the Womb Blessing Vision
  • maintain the five Worldwide Womb Blessings per year
  • guide the Womb Blessing and the Cyclic Woman teaching into the future as a self-sustaining legacy for all women
  • maintain the integrity of the Womb Blessing system and energy
  • help and support the integrity of Moon Mothers through technical and practitioner support, and qualification listing
  • hold and support the circle of volunteer Co-ordination Teams around the world
  • represent the ideals of the Womb Blessing
  • hold the energy of the Womb Blessing for all women
  • promote harmony and acceptance, co-creation and sharing
  • nurture potential and provide opportunity so that women may grow in self-confidence and knowledge
  • be a role model of ‘giving forward’, of service, and working for the benefit of other women

In particular, the Team runs a number of ‘Technique and Practitioner Helpline Facebook groups’ for Moon Mothers – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Doulas and Midwives, Co-ordination Teams, and Moon Mother Teachers.

Meet the Moon Weaver Circle:


Reach us at moonweavercircle@wombblessing.com