Becoming a Moon Mother®

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Moon Mothers

There are NO SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS to become a Moon Mother. It is not necessary to have energy-working or healing experience, or to have worked with women or women’s groups before. But you do need a willingness to follow your heart outside of your comfort zone, and a desire to bring the Womb Blessing to the women of the world.

Moon Mothers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Each woman, regardless of her age, has her own life experiences, understanding, insight and qualifications that she can bring to being a Moon Mother.

The youngest Moon Mothers are 18 years old, the eldest are in their 80s.

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Walking the Moon Mother® path

The structure of the Womb Blessing is like the Womb Tree painting:

  • The Moon Mothers who offer the Womb Blessing by actively inspiring, spreading and sharing the invitation to each Worldwide Womb Blessing are the leaves on the tree that help the tree to grow bigger and reach for the stars.
  • The branches are the Moon Mothers who run Worldwide Womb Blessing groups and encourage women to run their own groups.
  • The trunk represents the Moon Mothers who give Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings, and who support the community as Country Co-ordinators and Representatives.
  • The roots are the Moon Mothers who send energy during the Worldwide Womb Blessings and bring healing to the world on the Full Moons between Blessing Days – they are the roots that change the energy of women in the world and change the energy of the Earth.

In each country there is a Womb Tree, and the trees reach out and touch each other through their leaves and branches and through their roots. The world is a forest of Moon Mothers.

No type of Moon Mother is any more important than any other – the tree could not survive without roots, trunk, branches or leaves, and the women who take these roles are all part of spreading female awakening around the world.

®The benefits you receive as an ‘active’ Moon Mother:

  • Giving Womb Blessings can be part of an empowering, spiritual and feminine way to earn your living.
  • Every time you give a Womb Blessing, you receive one at the same time – raising your vibration more, enhancing your own connection to the Divine Feminine, and deepening your own healing, inner peace and love, and awakening.
  • Giving regular Blessings help you to stay connected to your womb centre and female archetypal energies, bringing empowerment and peace in a modern world which constantly challenges this connection.
  • Womb Blessings connect you to the Divine Feminine, giving you renewed strength and passion to live and walk a female conscious life.
  • Giving Womb Blessings feels good! The Divine Feminine love of the Womb Blessing attunement is meant to be shared – this is why the Worldwide Womb Blessing manifested in the world first.

Moon Mothers® taking an active role in the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

In May 2012 Moon Mothers first took part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing, and the effect was amazing – the beautiful energy of the Blessing attunement increased out of proportion to the number of Moon Mothers taking part!

Moon Mothers at the Worldwide Womb Blessing

Moon Mothers are taught how to connect to the Womb-link and share the Womb Blessing vibration of Divine Feminine love and light to all women taking part at a particular chosen time. Moon Mothers can both send energy and receive the attunement on Womb Blessing day, and taking part in both increases and expands their own personal healing and spiritual development as well as helping women around the world.

The Moon Mother® Full Moon practice

At each Worldwide Womb Blessing Miranda and the Moon Mothers create the Womb Blessing vibration of Divine Feminine energy singing around the World. On the Full Moons between worldwide Womb Blessing Days, the Moon Mothers use the Full Moon practice to maintain the vibration of the Divine Feminine singing around the Earth and to bring love, support and comfort, especially to those in pain and who are suffering.

Taking an active role in the Womb Blessing® Community

The Worldwide Womb Blessing Community

“We are trying to create something new in the modern world – women working together based on their authentic femininity and the four female archetypes.

It is an exciting path of discovering what ‘how to do things in a female way’ really means.”

The Community is about bringing likeminded women together to prevent the loneliness and isolation that women can experience from not being able to truly express their female energies in their everyday life.

Every certificated Moon Mother is a point of contact for women with questions about the Womb Blessing, and she is also a source of inspiration and encouragement for women to take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Miranda is very keen for the Womb Blessing community to be flexible and adaptive to different cultures and languages, and in many countries Moon Mothers can take on a more formal role.