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Menopause and The Worldwide Womb Blessing® – support and love through the changes.

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Worldwide Womb Blessing 08-12-2022
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My own journey through menopause has been deeply supported by both the Womb Blessing and the Womb Healing. The Blessing has been a lifeline for me when things have felt out of control. It has been a sanctuary when I have been too sensitive to the world. It has restored my energies when even getting out of bed was too much. It has made me feel safe when I couldn’t manage what the world demanded. And it gave me the centring I have needed as my energy and life scattered. I cannot imagine how disruptive my path would have been without the Womb Blessing, and because I see so many menopausal women lost and struggling, I want to encourage all menopausal women to take part in the December Worldwide Womb Blessing and receive help and support for their own path.

Wherever you are on your menopause journey – at the start of perimenopause, at last menstruation, early post-menopause, or 10 years or more beyond your last blood – the Womb Blessing is for you as much as it is for Cyclic Women. In fact, the Womb Blessing is even more important for you as it supports your female energies through this amazing and powerful stage of life.

Our journey through menopause is a journey of the awakening of the Four Female Archetypes – our female energies and perceptions which are linked to the phases of the cycle in our menstrual years. Aspects of the Archetypes that have not been part of our lives awaken to become part of who we are. In the peri-menopause years we embody them for varying lengths of time alongside the changing rhythm of our cycles, but after our last blood they explode into our lives, with needs and desires, compulsions and powers, abilities, and insights that often make us question everything about ourselves and our bodies.

Receiving Womb Blessings can help us to dance our changes with sensuality, empowerment, confidence, and inner guidance to the path ahead. Then we can drop our fears and frustrations, our need to fight and to resist, and simply approach everything with curiosity and love.

And the Worldwide Womb Blessing is an accessible and FREE way for you to receive the Blessing and the loving spiritual support and guidance you need for your path.

The Blessing can help you to

  • discover the roots of your being and feel more secure and more able to manage
  • know and embrace your new purpose and spiritual path in life
  • receive a softening of the challenges within you and around you
  • awaken to the fullness and inner beauty of your power.

To receive your Womb Blessing, register your Chosen Time now!

Take part on your own in your personal ‘sanctuary space’, or with other women in a Worldwide Womb Blessing group, or in a group online.

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