Full Moon Meditation

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An invitation…

We invite you to join us in a Worldwide Full Moon Meditation on the Full Moons during the year.

In the white light of the Full Moon lies all the colours of the rainbow softened by the feminine. In the Full Moon Meditation, we breathe in specific colours or Moon Rays into our womb energy centre to bring healing, and support and balance to our wombs, our female energies, to our cycles and to our changes in life.

At each Full Moon we have the opportunity to receive a beautiful, gentle and enfolding gift of female energy that supports our femininity. It is available for all who resonate with the meditation whatever their physical condition or age. And it also supports our awakening and transformations as we walk the annual path of Worldwide Womb Blessings.

You may feel called to do these Full Moon meditations on your own, with family and friends or in a group. There is no need to register to take part.

I hope you will enjoy these Moon Rays and know that when we change the vibration of our womb, then the wombs of other women also change because all our wombs are connected. We walk this path not just for ourselves but for others as well.

Love and hugs

Miranda x

Full Moon Meditation dates:

20236th January
Worldwide Womb Blessing5th February Worldwide Womb Blessing
7th March
6th April
Worldwide Womb Blessing 5th May Worldwide Womb Blessing
4th June
3th July
Worldwide Womb Blessing 1st August Worldwide Womb Blessing
31th August
29th September
Worldwide Womb Blessing 28th October Worldwide Womb Blessing
27th November
Worldwide Womb Blessing 27th December Worldwide Womb Blessing

How to participate

Download the Full Moon Meditation document here:How To – Full Moon Meditation


The January 2023 Moon Rays: Deep Pink and Deep Blue

The Deep Pink Ray fills our hearts with loving strength so we can be warm-hearted, generous, and supportive of others. With our heart full we feel safe, centred, and complete. The Deep Blue Ray brings us universal insight and a deep healing that is so needed in the world today. Together the Moon Rays empower us to know how to share this powerful healing and love. 

The March 2023 Moon Ray: Leaf Green

The Leaf Green Ray connects us deeply to Nature and to the wisdom and secrets lying in the natural world around us. The Leaf Green Ray fills us with joy and teaches us to relax and to grow in harmony with the natural cycles of Nature and of our bodies. The Leaf Green Ray brings simple magic back into our busy lives so that we notice the beauty in the moment, in our senses, and within ourselves.

The April 2023 Moon Ray: Vibrant yellow

The Vibrant Yellow Ray uplifts us, whatever we are experiencing in life. It renews our confidence, and it dissolves old blocks so that we can release trapped energy and step onto a new life-path with far horizons. As the Yellow Ray fills us, we feel more energised with life-force, happier with our bodies, and more sensual and passionate. The Vibrant Yellow Ray brings the joy of simply being alive.

The June 2023 Moon Rays: Yellow and Orange

As the Yellow and Orange Rays swirl around us they ignite our energies, uplift our spirits, and bring vitality, self-belief, and passion. We feel amazing as these bright Rays dance through us, clearing away our old patterns and building new positive beliefs and thoughts. Together they fill our minds and wombs so that we can shine our positive energy into the world and be a passionate force for good.