Womb Blessing® Mentoring

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Do you want personal guidance walking your Womb Blessing® path?

Moon Mother Mentors are Level 2 Moon Mother practitioners who have also trained as Womb Blessing Mentors with Miranda Gray.

Moon Mother MentoringMoon Mother Mentors provide monthly guidance on how you can personally support your awakening and healing by living more in harmony with your female energies between Womb Blessings and Womb Healings.

They help you to:

  • Welcome and process the changes and healing that are created through the birthing process after the Womb Blessing.
  • Ground in everyday life the changes to your energies that the Womb Blessing makes so that you stay connected to the ‘new you’.
  • Change your life so that your archetypes stay strong and balanced, bringing wellbeing, happiness and healing.
  • Understand your cyclic nature and to know why you do things when, so you can feel more in control of your life.
  • Identify the needs of each phase and find ways to meet them, so that you can feel happiness and wellbeing throughout your cycle – whatever your phase.
  • Live your everyday life in harmony with your cyclic nature to release stress and increase wellbeing.
  • Maintain the energy levels of your archetypes so you feel empowered, strong and feminine in a busy and stressful world.
  • Guide you on living in tune with who you truly are – a wonderful, empowered, creative and spiritual woman!

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