Moon Mother Teacher – Ursula Schröder

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Ursula SchröderUrsula was born in Argentina, where she now lives with a strong identification with Mother Nature. She’s the mother of four sons, and thanks to her immense passion for life she became a biologist, but from a young age she could intuitively see the connection between science and different spiritual tools. She became a Moon Mother in 2013, and from that day on, she’s never stopped transforming herself and helping other women with passion and joy.

‘I’ve always said about myself that I’m an ordinary woman, rather sensitive, passionate about Nature, somewhat analytical, but immersed in a masculine world that flooded and dragged me with its wrath and fake values. Since I joined my first Worlwide Womb Blessing in 2012 all my life has drastically changed, entering healing crises where seemingly solid structures started to become flexible, throwing Light into every situation. I wasn’t the same any more… my world hadn’t changed, but I had. The Moon Mother path opened my heart in COMPASSION, FREEDOM AND TOTAL PLENITUDE’

Ursula has supported the Argentine Moon Mother community as Coordinator for three years, lovingly combining this volunteer labour with managing the Womb Blessing artists and collaborating with the Womb Blessing official newsletters and posts. Her passion causes her work to be reflected in our community in wonderful and empowered work teams. Her favourite words from Miranda are ‘we women can transform the world’, because she’s always liked the idea that every person could help to create a better world by giving their best. She currently works in the field of education, driven by her enthusiasm for helping transformation, claiming that example is the best lesson, and she also helps other women with feminine spirituality tools, walking the Mother archetype path, in the path of the Goddess.

“Meeting Miranda Gray with all of her great service and work has been a real Blessing in my life, and becoming a Moon Mother Teacher Trainer not only honours me, but it is a great HONOUR to follow the pulse of the Divine Feminine in my heart, and my womb, devoted to the mission of helping other women to discover their cycles with Love and Peace, where different situations will leave us wisdom and not suffering. I feel profound gratitude for being able to give back to the Divine Feminine by helping other women awake. Life is beautiful.”