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Why help other women? What’s in it for me?!

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Women helping womenYou get:

  • A healed and balanced menstrual cycle.
  • A healed pre-menstrual phase.
  • A gentle journey to menopause.
  • Effortless achievement of your goals and dreams.
  • Love.
  • Self-love.
  • Happiness.

Unbalanced Maidens and Enchantresses

In the modern world, the dynamic female archetypes have dominated how we behave and the way we think. The Maiden (pre-ovulation phase archetype) energies are dynamic, ego-orientated, goal achieving, independent, risk-taking, unemphatic, structured and focused. She is the ‘achiever’ – and when out of balance she is the ‘achiever at any cost’.

Over-dominant, she doesn’t care about other’s feelings or needs; her goal is her sense of success and her path towards it her life purpose. That goal could be her career, her health, looking good, success, recognition, or money – but with this independence comes isolation, the fear of lack, and the vulnerability of having to manage on her own. And these damaging patterns grow in the subconscious to create Enchantress (pre-menstrual phase archetype) dominant energies. A woman with dominant Enchantress bases her dynamic energies not on moving forward but on the fear of not having enough and of not being enough, and on not accepting herself enough.

If we look around at the world of women, we see them competing as Enchantresses. We see hurt, overwhelmed, vulnerable and dis-empowered women seeking to build a ‘safe’ place with barriers, resistance, isolation and fighting to protect themselves and what they have. Gone is the blossoming of women and the enfolding of the positive aspects of their energies and life. In these Enchantresses, the ego is out of balance and the sub-conscious realm is no long a realm of inspiration, spiritual intuition, creativity, but a realm of fear patterns and self-criticism. In their actions towards us and others we see the reflection of the hurt that society and upbringing has dealt them.

How do we calm the Maiden and Enchantress within us and begin to heal our cycles and our abundance and well-being?

How do we create success in a gentle and supportive way without the isolation, the fear and the constant fighting for every step forward?

The answer is in our cycle.

Between the Maiden energies of pre-ovulation and the Enchantress energies of the pre-menstrual phase we experience the calm and radiant energies of the Mother archetype and the ovulation phase. The Mother energies express themselves in us through relationships with the world and with people.

Through sharing and caring, she brings balance and harmony to the dynamic energies of the ego. She shows us that we are not designed to be alone, but are intended to be individuals within a loving relationship with each other and with the world. It has been shown in general that when we help others we experience well-being. So why would we fight other women, feel jealous of them, compete with them, if we can feel good by helping them? Why would we listen to the Enchantress patterns of lack when we can listen to the Mother patterns of abundance and flow? Why would we resist the Mother’s embrace and safety, when we can all sit in her lap?

To heal the Maiden and Enchantress within ourselves, to heal our menstrual cycle and in particular our Enchantress pre-menstrual phase, we need to embody the Mother energies and have an attitude of being a companion to others on their life path. As we walk together, they support us and we support them. Some of the women we walk with we will know personally, and others will be strangers – but together we create an environment of love, safety, of having enough and of being enough. The Womb Blessing follows this path at every level.

The Mother reminds us that what we give out comes back to us. It is not often a direct response, but when we help others, we are helped by others. Also we can actively take part in ‘paying forwards’ – where we do something helpful to someone in anticipation of someone else doing something helpful for us. The Mother reminds us that giving to others, is also giving to ourselves. And when we do this, we work with love energy, and love heals.

So, what if your Maiden and Enchantress are still saying ‘But what do I get in return?’ then here’s the answer:

Your menstrual cycle will start to balance and heal.

There is a gift in everything, including giving.

Love and hugs

Miranda xx


This post is also available in: en fr