Moon Mother Teacher – Julia Larotonda

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Julia Larotonda

Julia Larotonda (Juliaro arte) was born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. She loves nature, the elements, trees and natural cycles.

She is a visual artist, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has lived in Brazil since 2010 – the year she met Miranda virtually. At that time, Julia had painted her four archetypes that were inspired by the meditations of Miranda’s book Red Moon. The reading of this book was an awakening in her life, because the rediscovering of herself as cyclical and connecting to her four archetypes opened a great potential for creativity that was previously hidden.

As women repeatedly asked her about the symbolism of these archetypal arts, Julia created a workshop explaining them, and spread the wisdom of the book Red Moon orally. In this way she brought these cyclical teachings to many women from different regions of Brazil and Argentina who became more and more interested in learning about Miranda Gray’s work (which had not yet been translated into Portuguese).

In 2012 she received one of the few emails sent by Miranda inviting her to the first Worldwide Womb Blessing®. Without hesitation she extended this invitation to her friends, who received the energy in a circle of 25 women in São Paulo, and since then she has celebrated every WWWB in different places in Brazil. In May 2012, at the second Worldwide Womb Blessing®, she channeled the homonymous painting that would define her moonlit path and open the way for her as an official artist of the Womb Blessing®.

June 30th 2013, her birthday, coincided with her taking the Level 1 Moon Mother® training in Argentina, and was a literal rebirth on what would become her spiritual path.

Together with Larissa (Brazilian Moon Mother) they expanded the Womb Blessing in Brazil, and in 2014 they organized the first Miranda Gray workshops there. Julia illustrated and participated in the production of Miranda’s first book in Portuguese, “Descubra as deusas dentro de você”, which would open the way for Red Moon to finally be published in Portuguese. That same year, and with the guidance of the Divine Feminine (this is another chapter), she took her Moon Mother® Level 2 training, again in Argentina.

Every year Julia produces the Moon Calendar of the Womb Blessing® for free download, has illustrated meditations, the Moon Mother’s prayer and several newsletters. Many arts, many workshops in Brazil, many Womb Blessings worldwide have passed.

In 2018 Julia was one of the first Level 3 Moon Mothers initiated in Brazil, and part of the Coordination team.

In 2020 Julia was invited to illustrate the Red Moon Oracle, which was created in a beautiful creative process together with Miranda. And in the last few years, with the birth of the Online courses and the need to communicate in a different way, Julia has illustrated the Moon Mother® manuals for all levels.

On June 30, 2023, a new rebirth full of joy arrived, as she trained as a teacher of the Womb Blessing®, to which she has dedicated all her love for more than 10 years.

She is currently an active member of the Brazilian communication team and the International Moon Weaver Circle. She is a Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher, Moon Mother technique trainer and organizer of Miranda Gray’s and Ursula’s workshops in Portuguese.

For Julia it is a great pleasure to be part of this international community, of this family of souls sister illuminated by the Moon and walking together in Purity and Grace.