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I would like to personally thank you for being part of the Worldwide Womb Blessing this year. Without you sharing the details about the Worldwide Womb Blessing, running your groups and sharing the energy, the Womb Blessing would not reach so many women in the world. And every woman who joins each Worldwide Womb Blessing brings more love and healing energy to all of us.

I would like to offer a big thank-you to all the volunteers and the additional helpers on behalf of everyone in the Womb Blessing community.

MirandaSadly you are too many to list individually but I would like to thank the …

  • 59 official volunteer translators
  • Translator co-ordinators and managers
  • Artists who provide the artwork for the website and banners
  • Graphic support who create the banners in the different languages
  • Workshop volunteer helpers

I would also like to thank:

  • Veronica, who has been amazing in supporting me and Richard in creating the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletters and who is also managing the new Moon Mother projects.
  • The ‘Love and Light Team’ – volunteer Moon Mothers who are currently working on projects to help support the community and Moon Mothers:
    • Belinda for her role as volunteer Co-ordinator Support manager and cross-promotion manager.
    • HeliA for her role as men’s project leader
    • Larissa for her role as young girls / teenager project leader
    • Debs for her help with Facebook support.
    • Ursula and helper for managing the website artists
    • Valentina and Monica for their help and input
    • Shila for all her work in organising my workshops
  • All the Co-ordinators and Representatives. These women are volunteers who give their time, energy and passion freely, to answer questions about the Womb Blessing, to help support new Moon Mothers and Worldwide Womb Blessing groups, and to support me in updating details and letting me know what they need to create greater support in their countries. These ladies are the pioneers who bring inspiration and share their passion for the Womb blessing to encourage more women to take part.
    Thank your Co-ordinator yourself!
  • All the workshop organisers and the Moon Mothers. With your help we reach more women, we spread the spark of inspiration, we bring the Womb Blessing more into the world, and we create a growing and vibrant community of Moon Mothers. There are no words to describe the depth of appreciation and gratitude that I feel.

My final thanks go to my husband and to all the men who are working to support women in the Womb Blessing. We know you are there in the shadows but you are an equally important part of the Womb Blessing. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to you and to share this love we will be starting a distant ‘Gift’ of Divine Feminine energy for men at the May worldwide Womb Blessing. More information about registering will be in the next newsletter.

Without the passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, helpful, talented and wonderful volunteers we would not have the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

May 2016 be full of love and happiness, and many blessings!

Love and hugs

Miranda xx