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  • Moon Animals at Halloween

    Halloween (or Samhain) is the northern hemisphere festival that starts the season of the Crone, where the physical and living world and the spiritual and ancestral worlds are closer to each other. This is the season of spiritual guidance and oracle. So, for the October Worldwide Womb Blessing I thought

  • A Message from Miranda

    A message from Miranda – August 2022

    I love how much the Womb Blessing is a female sanctuary in our busy modern lives. On Blessing Day, it becomes very obvious to me how much we accept things as normal – the stress of life, disconnection from our cyclic nature and female energies, the misdirected expectations and our

  • Which type of woman are you today?

    Quick Quiz: Which type of woman are you today?

    Take this fun quiz to find out which type of woman you are today! Background to the quiz: In our menstrual cycles we experience four phases which have different energies, abilities, needs, and ways of thinking, and these are represented by a female ‘archetype’. Many of us don’t really know

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing

    A Message from Miranda

    The Worldwide Womb Blessing today felt like a homecoming. In the midst of all the changes in the world and our growing worries, our souls have called us back to the sanctuary of our feminine energies to remind us that we women are strong, grounded in the Earth, blessed by

  • Red Blood Moon

    The Red Blood Moon

    A sigh whispers around the watching people, faces turned towards the Full Moon as the dark edge of the Earth’s shadow starts to flow across it. With care, the small fire at the centre of the clearing is smothered, and in the darkness the group falls silent in anticipation. The

  • Supporting the world: A Prayer Ceremony for Peace

    By international women’s author and teacher Miranda Gray This prayer ceremony has been written by Miranda Gray and translated by volunteers from around the world. Please, respect this gift of love. You may use the ceremony and prayers for your personal use or in prayer groups, but they may not

  • From Darkness to Light

    A Message from Miranda

    What a beautiful and special Blessing Day this February Full Moon. Thank you to everyone who took part and shared the energy 😊 When I finished in the early hours this morning, the sky was clear, the Full Moon was high in the sky, and the wind whipped through the

  • Miranda Gray

    A chat with Miranda over a cup of tea

    What are you planning for the 10th Anniversary Year? I love the creative energies that are flowing for the 10th Anniversary Year! I am writing a “Circle of Sisters Full Moon Meditation” for each Full Moon in 2022. It’s a lot of fun (and learning) to write these new meditations

  • A Message from Miranda Gray

    A Message from Miranda Gray

    I love putting things away after the Worldwide Womb Blessing. There is the quiet feeling of satisfaction and love and gratitude that the Blessing is something that I can offer women to help them in their lives. There is also a feeling of gentle restoration. The day itself is a

  • Discover your female powers with a Womb Blessing mandala-altar!

    The Womb Blessing mandala-altar is a simple and very impactful way for you to recognise the female powers you hold in your menstrual cycles. Then you can use these powers in everyday life to bring more wellbeing, happiness, empowerment, love, and spiritual awareness. The mandala-altar is always changing with the

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing October 2021

    Worldwide Womb Blessing 20th October 2021

    A message from Miranda Gray about the energy of the last Full Moon on the 20th October 2021 Worldwide Womb Blessing. What a beautiful Worldwide Womb Blessing day – full of positive and joyful female energies. With all the challenges and negative situations of the past year or so, this

  • The wisdom of the Enchantress Archetype in the land and in our body

    In the Northern hemisphere the Enchantress currently walks the land, and the changing season holds the key to walking in balance and harmony in our pre-menstrual phase and peri-menopause and post-menopause stages of life. Autumn is a time for change. Change starts softly, and we often ignore it – but

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing 22nd August 2021

    A message from Miranda Gray about the energy of the last Full Moon on the 22nd August 2021 Worldwide Womb Blessing. This morning during the first Worldwide Womb Blessing the dawn washed the Land in her gentle colours, reflecting the feeling of the gentle and loving new beginnings that lie

  • Meeting your Moon Animals

    ‘Moon Animals’ are Power Animals or Spirit Animals that guide us through the mystery and magic of our Divine Feminine energies. Lying within the subconscious moonscape of our Womb Tree, they bring us gentle supportive messages, healing, and validation of our cycle, our female nature and energies, and our soul-path.

  • Worldwide Womb Blessing 26-05-32021

    Worldwide Womb Blessing 26-05-2021

    A message from Miranda Gray about the energy of the last Full Moon on the 26th May 2021 Worldwide Womb Blessing. Hi everyone, The first Worldwide Womb Blessing in May is always a joy for me because the sun has already risen and in its first rays everything feels full

  • From Crone to Maiden

    The Journey from Crone to Maiden

    How to emerge from our darkness To understand how to emerge from the darkness into the light, we need to first understand the Crone’s darkness. In our menstrual phase the slow, withdrawn energies of the Crone can tend to take over our lives. Whether we like it or not –

  • Rainbow Woman

    Rainbow woman – colours and the archetypes

    Have you ever bought an article of clothing because you loved the colour – and then a few weeks later you hated the colour? Ever wondered why? At the time of buying, your inner female archetype was telling you that she needed this colour to support her energies – but

  • Red Moon Oracle Cards

    Unlocking the wisdom of your cycles

    There is an amazing source of powerful and creative wisdom lying within you and within all women. Hidden from view, or discredited by society, this wisdom lies in your menstrual cycle and is an expression of the Cyclic Goddess who shares her insights and gifts and walks beside you on

  • 2020 Womb Blessing® Banners and Visuals

    2020 Womb Blessing® Banners and Visuals Worldwide Womb Blessing Instagram Visuals Moon Ray Colours for FullMoon Facebook and Newsletter Banners (click for fullsize view)

  • How to grow in a female way

    How to grow in a female way

    It’s a big challenge to create something in a female way in the modern masculine world. We’ve all been influenced in how to think, so we need to step back and to follow the flow if we are to grow and create as women. The Womb Blessing is a beautiful