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The joy of the awakening Maiden energies

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The joy of the awakening Maiden energies

The first warm sunlight touches the forest, and the snow slowly starts to melt. A single green shoot appears from under the snows. From it hangs a small white flower, like a droplet of snow, and it holds the promise of the energies to come.

The energies of life start to flow slowly. It is not a time to act, but a time to watch and to protect the first growth into the world. The Land still remembers the long cold night of winter and the Crone energies, but now it feels the stirring of what is to come.

Whether we stand on a land that is moving from winter to spring, or the Moon is first appearing in the sky after hiding her face, or we are looking outwards into the world for the first time after menstruation –  we hold the energies of the Maiden.

In this awakening from sleep we are still aware of the dark inner world, but in the new light we can give form to the soul-dreams and heart’s desires of the Cone. It is these seeds of the dark womb that will ignite the passion of the Maiden to act in the world. As the light grows the seeds become a direction, and we walk towards it with the self-confidence and strength that comes from following our soul. There is joy, playfulness and delight as we grow and expand into the world exploring who we are, developing our passions and abilities, and exploring our womanhood and sexual energies.

For a moment, Mother Nature gifts us this time and energy for our Self, to create a healthy self-awareness and individuality. If we embrace this time and become fulfilled in our expression of Self, then we are more able to let go of the ego when the Mother and Crone archetypes call us to do so.

The Maiden is the start, but she is not the finish. The modern world asks for instant results (Maiden), but the Divine Mother asks us to grow. The Maiden wants to achieve something once and move on to the next new exciting thing, the Mother asks us to go deeper into the experience. Within our menstrual cycles, and within the cycles of the Moon and Earth, we are gifted the energy to travel in a new direction – but we need to walk the path, to experience all aspects of it, to live it as Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone, before the next new thing. We need to give ourselves the time to grow.


In this moment between the darkness and the light,
Between the empty cave and the abundant field,
We stand as a young girl holding the flame of our femininity.

We are the delight of a baby’s cry and the first shoots on the branch,
We are the snow in the rays of the sun and the first shining droplets of the thaw,
We are the animals emerging from hibernation and the first calls of the birds,
We are the fine crescent in the golden sunset and the awareness finding words for the soul’s desire.

In this moment of rebirth,
In this moment of first breath and first step,
Wrap us in your love Mother,
and may our awakening help all women to awaken.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-pt es