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I am delighted that you can join us in the Womb Blessing. Below you will find links to meditations and information for use before the Blessing, during the Blessing and after the Blessing.

To download the documents you need to open them first and then save the file.

I hope you enjoy the exercises and the Blessing. Please share your experiences on >

How to take part

Instructions on how to take part, and what you need to have and do How to take partHow to take part
The meditations you need to take part WWWB MeditationsWorldwide Womb Blessing meditations
How to take part in the Earth-Yoni BlessingThe Earth-Yoni Blessing
How to give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to others

Giving the Earth-Yoni Blessing

Additional Meditations

Archetype Meditations
About the meditations and when to do them Archetype MeditationsThe Additional Archetype Meditations
February (Northern Hemisphere) / August (Southern Hemisphere) Womb Renewal Meditation‘Womb Renewal’ Meditation
May (Northern Hemisphere) / October (Southern Hemisphere) Accepting our Sexuality‘Accepting our sexuality’ Meditation
August (Northern Hemisphere) / February (Southern Hemisphere) Abundance‘Abundance’ Meditation
October (Northern Hemisphere) / May (Southern Hemisphere) Healing the Female Ancestors‘Healing the Mother Ancestors’ meditation
December (Northern Hemisphere) / December (Southern Hemisphere) Circle of Sisters‘The Circle of Sisters’ Meditation

Audio for the Meditations

The Womb Blessing Meditation
Robert Haig CoxonThe Womb Blessing Meditation Music: Robert Haig Coxon Narrated by: Miranda Gray Duration: 5 mins
audioDownload the MP3 file for the Womb Blessing Meditation (12Mb)
MMiranda Gray Meditationeditation for use in the Worldwide Womb Blessing Music:Robert Haig Coxon Narrated by: Miranda Gray Duration: 20 mins
audioDownload the MP3 file for the Meditation (46Mb)

New on Youtube: The Womb Blessing Meditation read by Miranda Gray with music by Robert Coxon

audioFind the video from Youtube

Additional Music for your Worldwide Womb Blessing
Archetype MeditationsThis instrumental version of Robert Haig Coxon’s beautiful music, specially composed for the Womb Blessing, is provided for you to add your own voice if you wish. Please always credit this beautiful gift from Robert Haig Coxon.
audioDownload the MP3 file for the instrumental version (12Mb)
White Horse SpiritI am the Goddess Written and performed by: White Horse Spirit Duration: 4 minutes Additional production: Genuine Sounds Published by copyright control 2013
audioDownload the MP3 file for ‘I am the Goddess’ (2Mb)


Want to organise your own Worldwide Womb Blessing group? Womb Blessing GroupIdeas for organising your Womb Blessing group

Men and the Worldwide Womb Blessing

Meditation for men to accompany the Worldwide Womb Blessing Moon Meditation for Men Moon Meditation for men
‘Healing the Ancestors’ Meditation Healing the Ancestors - Men Healing the Ancestors meditation – for men

Free Resources to Print

FREE downloadable archetype colouring mandalas from Arix: Maiden colouring mandala by ArixDownload the colouring book (pdf, 1.4Mb)
FREE downloadable mandalas from Candelaria. These include mandalas for each archetype and for The Gift: Mandalas from CandelariaDownload the mandalas (pdf, 2.3Mb)
Printable First Menstruation card with artwork by Arianna Verolini: Womb Tree by Arianna VeroliniDownload the card (pdf, 3.5Mb)

Country Representatives

Need help, want to find a group, want a personal womb blessing or just want to ask a question – ask your Representative Country Representatives