Moon Mother Teacher – Monika Stengl

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Monika Stengl

Monika was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn in a small village in Germany. Her childhood was marked by a sense of being different. As a sensitive, introverted child – alien to the culture due to her Austrian roots – she found it difficult to make friends and spent most of her time with books.

Her longing went beyond the physical world, early on. She was interested in ancient cultures, people’s longings and hopes, their dealings with themselves and others, their connections to existence, to the divine/universal and to nature.

As a young woman, she rejected her body and especially her femininity and her cycle. Her world was dominated by male structures and she felt her femininity to be a burden and weakness in a patriarchal world. But still she encountered the Divine Feminine in manifold forms and manifestations that made her suspect that there must be a feminine path of fullness and strength.

This slow awakening made her go unusual ways, led her into encounters with the most diverse people, cultures and (life) concepts. Through dance and ritual work she learned to love her own femininity and became a mother to a wonderful son in 2000.

Deeply touched by the life stories of the women she met, she began to understand how much healing and love femininity needs in the world. And that this healing must take place not only in the spirit, but above all in our earthly bodies and lives.

On her quest she met Miranda Gray in 2016 and received her first Moon Mother initiation. Miranda’s knowledge about the cyclical life of women and their reconnection with the divine feminine touched Monika deeply and since then she has been following the Moonlit Path and supporting Miranda in making Womb Blessing even more known in German-speaking countries so that as many women as possible can access this wonderful energy – to live their authentic best feminine life. Monika helps to translate meditations and newsletters for the Womb Blessing community in German speaking countries and organises workshops for Miranda and Moon Mother Teacher Bettina from Switzerland. Monika lives with her family in Germany, in the middle of nature and as a passionate Moon Mother Level 3 she loves to pass on the Womb Blessing energy to women.

Since 2023 she has followed with gratitude and joy her calling as a Moon Mother Teacher to be one of the hearts and hands of the Divine Feminine in the world.