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“Five times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect to each other.
They connect to walk a path of female healing and a return to their long-forgotten authentic femininity through the Worldwide Womb Blessing® meditation”

Our invitation to all women worldwide…

To meet together to walk a path of female awakening.

Register to receive a free distant Womb Blessing attunement – Female Energy Awakening from Miranda Gray and the international Moon Mothers, at one of the four different times. (Choose a time to suit your time-zone.)

06.00 (UK time)

12.00 (UK time)

18.00 (UK time)

24.00 (UK time)

Register here ! 

Registration will open on the 22th August 2019 for the October Blessing


Click on the flags at the top for page translation !

Find out more about the Worldwide Womb Blessing®!

In May 2019 the Womb Blessing family consisted of almost 210,000 women from over 150 countries worldwide .


Welcome everyone to the NEW official Womb Blessing® website. I am so happy that we have such a beautiful and resource-full website to share with you. We have everything from the old site as well as new materials, and we will be updating different languages, adding new translations, creating new resources AND adding more languages!

This is a site that has grown beyond recognition since we first began the Worldwide Womb Blessing® in 2012, and I would like to thank everyone involved especially Moon Mother Bettina, our experienced web-developer, who has been key to helping my husband Richard to create the new site. Please gently share your feedback with Bettina, and if you can offer any volunteer graphics or programming help, contact her.

I would also like to thank all the volunteer translators over the years, and the translators who have worked on the new website content. Please remember that this is a beta site, that there will be some errors, and we would very much appreciate your help in finding them. Please also be patient if we don’t have everything in your language – everything is created by volunteers offering their free time. If you can help us with translation, please contact our experienced Volunteer Translator Manager Moon Mother Mayella.

It is amazing what women can achieve together, and also the feelings of the love that come with offering service to the women of the world and to their awakening.

Love and hugs, Miranda xx

Additional Meditations for August
Full Moon Meditation and Moon Ray Colour

Northern Hemisphere: Healing the Mother Ancestors

We have taken the path that leads down into the heart of the Labyrinth. Now we step into the realm of the Crone – Mother of stars, Mother of souls and of our ancestors. In her darkness, we let go of our everyday stress and we feel within her the pregnant emptiness, the light of the next cycle to come.

Southern hemisphere: Accepting our Sexuality

The energies of the Earth have renewed, and her sexual energies are now radiating into the world in beauty and birth. Our creative energies are flowing, and it is time to welcome and enjoy the sacredness of our own creativity, fertility and sexuality and the sacredness of our female body!

For more information on the archetype meditations, see ‘Female Energy Awakening

The Moon Ray Meditation: September 2019

We invite you to join us in a Worldwide Full Moon Meditation on the Full Moons between the Worldwide Womb Blessings.

The September Moon Rays:

Green and Blue

The Blue Ray bring us the ability to flow with the cycles of the womb and of life – to dance our changes rather than resist them. The beautiful Green Ray brings the abundance of Nature into our womb so that we can feel the connection of our womb to creativity of Mother Nature. Together the two Rays help us to nourish ourselves and our lives.

Celebrate the Sacred Feminine within youand go deeper into your Authentic Feminine energies!

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