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“Four times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect to each other.
They connect to walk a path of female healing and a return to their long-forgotten authentic femininity through the Worldwide Womb Blessing® meditation”

Our invitation to all women worldwide to meet together to walk a path of female awakening – on 1st August 2023…

Register to receive a free distant Womb Blessing attunement – Female Energy Awakening from Miranda Gray and the international Moon Mothers, at one of the four different times. (Choose a time to suit your time-zone.)

12.00 (UK time)
18.00 (UK time)
24.00 (UK time)

Find out more about the Worldwide Womb Blessing®!

The Worldwide Womb Blessing®

Every Worldwide Womb Blessing is slightly different, so we walk a path throughout the year awakening different aspects of our female energies. So register for each individual Blessing – even if you’ve taken part before – so you don’t miss out!

So let’s continue the path together! Registration for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing on is now OPEN at https://wombblessing.com/register/!

Looking for a circle to share the experience? The new  ‘Find a circle’ page, helps you find a circle online or offline. (Remember: the energy is free, but circle organisers might ask for a small donation to cover her expenses.)

NEWS: 2023 A new year of Womb Blessings!

Celebrating the awakening of women around the world!

In the light of the Moon we shine as ONE – One female light and ONE circle of sisters.

We Shine as One!

Supporting the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation to help keep the Worldwide Womb Blessing® continuing for FREE!

It is such a beautiful expression of love and gratitude for the Blessing, and I am truly very grateful.

If you would like to help, please donate here

Love and virtual hugs

Miranda xx

Taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing is simple and free! Find out how, step-be-step, here:

The next Worldwide Womb Blessing events:

  • 1st August 2023
  • 28th October 2023
  • 27th December 2023 – for Moon Mothers only

Additional Archetype Meditations

Abundance Meditation

Northern Hemisphere: Abundance Meditation

The Mother brings us the energy of the abundant womb, but the flow of the cycle continues, and we take the path of the falling fruit. Our projects come into fullness and we begin another cycle – one where we sow the seeds of creating our dreams that will lie within the earth, to grow with the new energies of Spring and of pre-ovulation.

Healing the Female Ancestors

Southern Hemisphere: Womb Renewal Meditation

After resting, we take the first steps out into the world – whether this rest is the gentle withdrawal of the menstrual phase or the darkness of winter. We are offered a new beginning. We can leave our old self, our old patterns and old emotions behind as we dance once more into the light.

For more information on the archetype meditations, see ‘Female Energy Awakening

Full Moon Meditations 2023

The Moon Ray Meditations: 2023

We invite you to join us in a Worldwide Full Moon Meditation on the Full Moons between each worldwide Womb Blessing during this year. 

The June 2023 Moon Rays: Yellow and Orange

As the Yellow and Orange Rays swirl around us they ignite our energies, uplift our spirits, and bring vitality, self-belief, and passion. We feel amazing as these bright Rays dance through us, clearing away our old patterns and building new positive beliefs and thoughts. Together they fill our minds and wombs so that we can shine our positive energy into the world and be a passionate force for good.

Celebrate the Sacred Feminine within you
and go deeper into your Authentic Feminine energies!
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