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Supporting the world: A Prayer Ceremony for Peace

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By international women’s author and teacher Miranda Gray

This prayer ceremony has been written by Miranda Gray and translated by volunteers from around the world. Please, respect this gift of love. You may use the ceremony and prayers for your personal use or in prayer groups, but they may not be copied for any other use or sold in any way without permission – contact for details.

A Prayer Ceremony for peace and healing and strength in times of chaos.

In these challenging times, when chaos and turmoil seem to be taking over our daily lives, we naturally feel a deep heartfelt cry to help those who are in distress. Small rituals and ceremonies are a beautiful ancient and impactful way for us to send love and light for the benefit of others. Prayers and ceremonies help us to step outside of our own lives and to focus our attention on the world – and on all who are experiencing the fear and chaos and pain and distress caused by conflict, disease, and poverty. Through our shared love and compassion for humanity we have the power to send our love and light and prayers to those in need, and to help them.

This prayer ceremony is for anyone to undertake – but it is especially powerful when performed by Moon Mothers and post-menopause women.

To take part in the ceremony: 

Whenever you feel you want to pray for people in critical, desperate, and suffering situations, simply find a quiet place and light a candle. (If you cannot light a candle, you can use a representation of Light or use an LED candle). You may also like to place a shawl around your shoulders to create a sacred space. 

Saying prayers and sending energy for people in need holds them in a sacred space. This can be done by anyone, but it is also an important part of being a Moon Mother. These prayers can be said in a general way, or you can add specific names and/or places. You don’t need anything extra, just hold the heartfelt desire and intention to send help and love and light to whoever is in need. 

You may like to run a prayer group, in person or virtually – and we encourage all Moon Mothers to gather people together for this prayer. Although we are each individually just a little grain of sand, when we join together we become part of a big and beautiful beach. 


Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and grow your energy roots deep into the Earth. Feel grounded and balanced.

Feel the Earth beneath you responding to your connection and filling you with beautiful pink and gold energy. 


Now imagine that you stand in front of a beautiful tree under the night sky. The tree glows with a soft iridescent pearl-white light and has two main branches, containing beautiful green leaves, small white flowers, and red jewel-like fruits. 

See, feel, or imagine that stars and galaxies shine between the branches above you.


Place your hands palm upwards, and be aware of the Universal Mother’s presence and her love and peace surrounding you.

A prayer to the Universal Mother for those who suffer

Softly and gently, recite the following prayer: 

Dark Mother of the stars, 

Wrap your soft wings of starlight around those who are suffering.

Wrap your gentle wings around (you may like to add here the name of specific people, places, or situations)

Hold them in your infinite love and light.

May they feel your presence and your love for them.

Mother, give them comfort in their distress, and take them into the protection of your lap.

Mother, guide the souls of those whose path is to stay and help others. Strengthen them with your wisdom. 

Guide the souls of those who can find no way out. With your gentle love show them what to do.

Guide the souls of those whose path is to return to your greater light and love.

Guide the souls of the peacemakers so they have the strength of your compassion.

Universal Mother, bless all souls that they may shine brightly, soothing their bodies and their minds, and those of the people around them.


Sharing the Love and Light of the Bright Mother 

Once again be aware of the beautiful tree, and see, feel, or imagine that a Full Moon lies in the branches above you. It bathes you and the world in gentle white moonlight. 


Take a deep breath and relax.

The moonlight flows over you and through you, down your arms and out through the palms of your hands. 

Place your hands outwards towards the world and to all in situations of distress, conflict, and suffering. 

Take another deep breath. Relax and let the soft white light flow though you, opening your heart. Feel love and light radiating from your heart and hands. 

Say aloud:

Mother of Light, 

bless the afflicted, and those who mourn, 
those who have no refuge, 
those who suffer from illness, injury, and pain, 
those who are abandoned, 
those who are uprooted, 
and those who feel empty and forsaken, 
whose lives, hearts, and souls have been shattered, 
whose feet have stopped in their tracks, and whose responsibilities and situation threaten to crush them.

Mother surround them with your love and light,
let them know they are safe.

And in the darkness, Mother, light a star of love and light in their hearts that will sustain them and guide them in the days ahead.

Thank you. (Sit quietly feeling and seeing the moonlight flow through you into the world.)

A Candle Blessing

Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Light your candle and, looking at its light, say: 

I light this candle to bless all, and to be

a light for peace for all.

A light to relieve those who suffer.

A light to bring kindness, caring, and support for those who feel abandoned.

A light for the dying so they may feel comforted.

A light to bring healing to the sick and injured.

A light to give hope to the desperate in a state of crisis.

A light to help people find a place of safety, a shelter, a home.

A light to heal every kind of violation.

A light to feel the love of family, even if they are absent.

A light to nourish those who are hungry and thirsty.

A light to heal a mind in shock, trauma, and fear.

A Light to illuminate the hearts, minds, and wills of those who hold the power to bring peace.

(You may add your own words if you wish)

Thank you.

Sit for a few minutes with eyes closed, feeling the moonlight flowing through you to all situations of distress and conflict in the world. 

Feel your open heart, your compassion, your love and light, and your sense of peace.

Note: If you are Moon Mother you may like to send the Moon Mother Symbols.


When you are ready to finish:

Bring your awareness into your body.

Take a deep breath and grow your energy roots deep into the Earth. Feel grounded and balanced.

Feel the Earth Mother filling you with her love and strength, and centering you in your body, your energies, and your life.


Bring your awareness to your heart.

Smile and feel gratitude to the Mothers for their presence.


 Now open your eyes.

After sending energy it is recommended that you drink some water and eat something nurturing to help ground you.

If you feel very emotional after the ceremony you may like to take a supportive essence such as Rescue Remedy, have some time with your family and friends, or take a short walk in a garden or a park. If you are in a group, share your feelings with each other, and if the situation allows perhaps hug each other in love and shared compassion. 

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es