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Men and Cyclic Women

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Puzzled manImagine four women.

One is young, dynamic and enthusiastic. One is a little older, practical and good with people. One is mature, uninhibited and wildly creative. And the final woman is older, quiet and insightful.

Each woman has her own needs, her own way of perceiving the world, her own creative energies and her own sexual preferences.

Now imagine that all four women look like you.

It is no wonder that men are confused!

Men are taught that they have one woman sharing their lives, but in fact they have at least four different women! Each phase of the cycle brings a woman different abilities, enhanced talents and skills, different levels of dominant thinking, and different physical, creative, sexual and spiritual energies. So naturally men don’t understand why an approach to a woman works one week, but fails to have the same reaction the following week – or why women seem to change their minds so much.

But how do we introduce men to the concept of these four women that lie within us? How do we help men to have a confident relationship with all of them?

We need to share who we are, but in a way that is not seen to be demanding or requiring special treatment. We need to use non-biological language, and to show men the benefits of having an active relationship with each of these women.

‘I am in a good week to sort out the accounts, is there anything you need me to consider?’ (Pre-ovulation phase).

‘I feel good about supporting people at the moment, and I am going to ring my sister to see how she is. Do you want me to call your Mum for you?’ (Ovulation phase).

‘I have a peak in sexual energy right now, do you want to come outside with me?!’ (Pre-menstrual).

‘I am in an optimal time for reflection, do you want me to look at our project and consider the long-term strategy?’ (Menstrual phase).

And it is not only our men we need to tell but also our younger family members…

‘Mummy is like a bird today, she wants to do lots of things.’ (Pre-ovulation phase).

‘Mummy is like a horse today, she wants to help people.’ (Ovulation phase).

‘Mummy is like a cat today, she just wants to lie in the sun.’ (Pre-menstrual).

‘Mummy is like a bear today, she wants to sleep in a cave.’ (Menstrual phase).

We don’t always have to use words to help the men in our lives to know which one of the four women we are. We could wear a coloured bracelet for each phase, or put a magnet on the fridge.

By sharing who we are with men, we help them to become part of our cyclic dance, and they begin to see how each woman brings something beautiful and unique to their masculinity.

Whether we bring our cycle into the family, into the bedroom, into the workplace or into the boardroom, we begin to live a more authentic female life.

All of my books – Red Moon, Optimized Woman, Spiritual Messages for Women, The Four Goddesses Within You, and Female Energy Awakening – are focused on how women can not only recognise the four women that lie within their cycle, but how they can live the best possible female energies in the best possible female life. And in ‘The Optimized Woman’ I have a chapter written specifically for men to read!


This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-pt es