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  • Darkness and the Crone

    The female energies of darkness and the Crone

    We can find the female energies of darkness a little confusing, because there is a difference between the ‘dynamic’ darkness energies and ‘receptive’ darkness energies that we embody in our menstrual cycles and within our lives. We can notice that the increasing withdrawal and growing inner darkness of the pre-menstrual

  • The International Womb Tree Project

    The International Womb Tree Project

    We women are all connected around the world through the beautiful energies of our wombs. We are all connected physically through the DNA of our distant female ancestors. We are all connected energetically through the link between our womb centre and the Earth Mother’s womb. We are all connected through

  • Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

    The Crone* female archetype is the serene Universal Womb; she is complete within herself, and all things are possible within her darkness. Our Crone-time (menstrual phase) is the amazing phase of our cycle in which we can sow the seeds to magically create the month ahead. It is our time

  • WOMEN: The most dangerous knowledge os all!

    WOMEN: The most dangerous knowledge of all

    About five years ago something started to worry me about my work with helping women to recognise their Cyclic Nature and its changing skillsets and perceptual abilities: what if unscrupulous people started to use this information to manipulate, exploit and put down women? Interestingly there ARE people and organizations currently

  • Some questions about the Womb Blessing answered!

    Miranda answered some questions posed by Moon Mother Mayella – we thought that many other women may have similar questions and would be interested in the answers. Hello Miranda, thanks ever so much for this interview. First, I would like to ask you why you think the topics of femininity,

  • ¡Bienvenidas al trabajo del alma del Año de la Anciana Bruja!

    Para muchas de nosotras, las energías de la Hechicera del año pasado fueron desafiantes y disruptivas, especialmente en las relaciones, pero todas las disputas, las rupturas y las discusiones que experimentamos no trataban sobre la situación o la gente, sino sobre NOSOTRAS, nuestras inseguridades., nuestra falta de estar centradas, nuestra

  • Willkommen zur Seelen-Arbeit im Jahr der Alten Weisen!

    Für viele von uns waren die Energien der Zauberin im letzten Jahr herausfordernd und zerstörerisch, – besonders in Beziehungen – aber all die Auseinandersetzungen, die Trennungen und die Streitereien, die wir erlebt haben, hatten nichts mit der Situation zu tun, oder mit den Menschen, sondern  nur mit UNS – mit

  • The Crone Year 2019

    Welcome to the soul-work of the Crone Year!

    For many of us, last year’s Enchantress energies were challenging and disruptive – especially in relationships – but all the disputes, the break-ups, and the arguments we experienced were nothing about the situation, or the people, but all about US – our insecurities, our lack of centredness, our lack of

  • Huge thanks from Miranda

    AN AMAZING YEAR 2018! What an amazing year! 😊 We now have almost 5,500 Moon Mothers around the world and approaching 200,000 women in the worldwide community. This year we created the new International Moon Mother Admin team to centralise technique questions and answers and updates, so we can share

  • Maiden energies

    Are you over-dominant in your Maiden energies? It’s time to bring balance!

    Within each of us lie four female archetypes – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone. During our menstrual cycle we walk a path of embodying the energies of each of these archetypes as they each express themselves through one of the phases of the cycle. They are

  • The powerful female sexual energy healing behind the October Worldwide Womb Blessing

    I think that the October Worldwide Womb Blessing is one of the most impactful Womb Blessings of the year. It brings healing to the sexual energies for all women around the world, but it also brings healing to the energies of women of the past, present and future. The Archetype

  • Welcoming the Enchantress Years – peri-menopause and post-menopause

    In our lives we have four phases: The first stage is that of the Maiden – a time of change, of physical, mental and emotional change into adulthood. The second stage is the Mother – our adult stage of life, which is usually cyclic and when we stand grounded in

  • What is the Earth-Yoni Blessing?

    The Yoni (used here as a name for both the vagina and the vulva) is a sacred shrine. It is the beautiful gateway through which energy from the Earth enters our body, the gateway through which life emerges, and through which we connect to the Earth. The Yoni links the

  • Cyclic Super-Woman at work!

    Cyclic Super-Woman at work!

    Women do not have to do things in the same way as men – we have amazing superpowers within our cyclic nature to do tasks with a uniquely female approach that is equally successful and productive. In fact, when we look at what women have already achieved working in the

  • Which cycle most affects you and your life – the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, or the Earth’s cycle?

    Every month we experience amazing abilities and energies that are created from the weaving together of three energy cycles – our menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the Earth’s seasonal cycle. We women are not the product of just one of these cycles – each cycle has its own effect

  • Avoiding burnout

    Avoiding burn-out and creating loving and supportive relationships

    Recently a woman said to me that she had expected that working in a community of women would be full of love and mutual support. But instead she was burnt-out from doing too much, from managing personality clashes between women, and from criticism for what she was doing without any

  • Spring Maiden? – It’s winter!

    The energies of the earth change during the year depending, on the tilt of the earth towards or away from the sun. At the winter solstice the earth starts to change her direction, and in the northern hemisphere the days start to lengthen – even if we are not aware

  • Spring Maiden? – It’s winter!

    The energies of the earth change during the year depending, on the tilt of the earth towards or away from the sun. At the winter solstice the earth starts to change her direction, and in the northern hemisphere the days start to lengthen – even if we are not aware

  • First Woman and First Dog

    When one of the First Dog clan died, all the First Animals were sad. They held a little ceremony to remember their friend, and First Woman shared stories of how First Dog had travelled with her when she collected mushrooms, how they had played in the river, and how he

  • ¿Cuál ciclo influye más en ti y en tu vida: el ciclo menstrual, el ciclo lunar o el ciclo de la Tierra?

    Cada mes experimentamos capacidades y energías asombrosas que se crean por el entramado profundo de tres ciclos de energía: nuestro ciclo menstrual, el ciclo lunar y el ciclo de estaciones de la Tierra. Percibimos el mundo a través del centro energético del útero.  No existe nada en nuestras vidas que