Moon Mother Teacher – Veronica Morosi

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Veronica Morosi

Veronica Morosi was born under the sign of Leo in Milan – Italy – and she has lived and worked in both France and the UK. She is now happily settled in the Eternal city of Rome where magic and
ancient knowledges merge together in a no-time whisper.
The critical event that marked an important milestone in Veronica’s life was the encounter with the Womb Blessing and with Miranda Gray. She received inspiration and practical  suggestions that guided her easily and smoothly to a deep re-connection with the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine and Feminine Spirituality.
In that moment, Veronica totally and happily changed her life, freeing herself and her creativity.

She says: “Having my womb blessed by the energy of the Feminine during the Worldwide Womb Blessing, becoming a Moon Mother and living the wonderful cyclic feminine energy took me on the amazing path of re-connection to the real “myself”, discovering my real value and finding my place in society and in the world.”

Veronica’s collaboration with Miranda Gray and the Womb Blessing Administrator Team started when she became a Moon Mother. At that moment she realized that she deeply desired to support the Womb Blessing community, so she offered to help with the creation of the newsletter and
communication tools to spread the Womb Blessing’s message and vision through the world.
Over the next few years, this role gave Veronica the opportunity to experience a feminine approach to her work, based on the free expression of her own creativity and working to support the ideal to help women across the world to understand and express the Sacred within them.
Also, Veronica became part of an amazing worldwide circle of women that supports the Womb Blessing, and had the chance to meet wonderful women from many parts of the world with whom she felt immediately a deep correspondence in soul’s purpose.
She has worked actively in running and supporting Worldwide Womb Blessing groups over the years, and has helped and supported in a number of Moon Mother workshops in different countries as part of her apprenticeship.
Veronica is now the Womb Blessing Special Projects Manager, Newsletter Manager, she is part of the Co-ordination Management Team. She is also Miranda’s Management Assistant and workshop organiser. Veronica was the first Moon Mother level 1 Workshop Teacher, she supports
all Teachers as the Teacher Manager, and she teaches throughout Italy.
Becoming an authorized Moon Mother Teacher and being so active within the Womb Blessing comunity  is a big honour and a deep gratitude towards the Feminine for inspiring her to find the courage and listen to the little voice guiding towards the Womb Blessing and meeting Miranda