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News from Miranda

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2016 has been an amazing year!

Miranda GrayIt has been a real joy for me to teach again in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, USA (New York), Croatia and England. And to teach for the first time in Portugal, USA (Miami) and Ireland (Dublin). I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing women and to work alongside the wonderful organisers and co-ordination teams in these countries. A big thank you to everyone who has helped support me in my work and who has reached out to women to spread the Womb Blessing.

This year we have seen the publication of my book Female Energy Awakening  which provides women with more information about the Womb Blessing and about the process of awakening their authentic femininity through the four female archetypes. It is designed to help women not just to awaken but to live this awakening, and to feel the deep source of well-being, empowerment, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, beauty and wisdom that lies within them.

We have also had the launch of the new ‘Meeting the Crone’ workshop in Valencia, Spain and it was a very beautiful, healing and transformational workshop. I think we were all a little surprised at the depth of the Crone’s love in the initiation :o)

Book and pendantIn September one of my UK Moon Mothers, Chetna, produced the first Womb Tree pendant based on a simple sketch I made last year. I said that I would love to have a pendant that all women who have taken part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing, or who have received a Personal Blessing, could wear to show that they are energetically part of this beautiful family of awakening women. She has developed a beautiful silver pendant, adding the energies of Rainbow Moonstone and Carnelian to the Womb Tree, and she charges each one with Womb Blessing energy. Thank you Chetna :o)

We also have some new products developed by AMM Andrea, Co-ordination Team member for Spain, including Moonstones with the Dancing Lady logo etched on them for personal use with the Womb Tree Meditation or for use in the Level 1 Womb Healings. You can find these and the agate Womb Blessing pendants at

This year has also been a year of learning for me. To teach teachers means that you have to understand completely what you are doing, and this year of working with Veronica as my first apprentice has really focused me on the energy-work within the Moon Mother initiation and within the Womb Blessing Attunement. Like a flower opening, as I looked for words to describe what was happening a new awareness unfolded in me. I am still walking the path of learning, but it is a real delight to have qualified Veronica as the first Level 1 Moon Mother Teacher and to know that we walk together on the path of awakening women.

What is coming in 2017? Another full year!!

Next year I will be in 17 different countries teaching workshops, and to allow this to happen we have sadly had to find a new home for our amazing and mischievous Siamese cat ‘Mori’. New countries will include Greece, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and Hungary, and I return to Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil as well as a number of European countries.

In April we have a NEW retreat in Costa Rica called Awakening the Four Goddesses Within You’. This week-long retreat has been developed in partnership with AMM Vanessa Castro (USA Co-ordinator), and I met Vanessa in Miami in October to talk through the activities for the retreat. We are both very passionate and excited about it!

In June are launching the first workshop for men in New York City, called Female Energy Workshop for Men’. I am very excited to work with AMM Michelle and AMM Hany on this project, and I will be finishing a small book for men in time for the workshop.

Next year is a double-Mother archetype year. The Womb Blessing is in a four year period influenced by the Mother archetype, and we are in the second year of this period – which brings even more Mother energies! This means that the Worldwide Womb Blessing family has the Mother archetype energies inspiring their lives, so this is the time to connect to the Mother energies and to express them in the world. Welcome them by doing things for others, reaching out to family and friends, creating a home or a family, and getting out into nature and celebrating Mother Earth. Live from your heart, and let kindness be your path for the year. Dress to honour the Mother archetype in each ovulation phase, and use the activities and meditations in Red Moon, Spiritual Messages for Women, and Female Energy Awakening to bring her into your life. Run a Worldwide Womb Blessing Group and the Mother energies will flow for you!

Finally I have some very big thanks to give. I cannot do this service alone – I am only one woman. There are so many people walking this path with me that it’s not possible name them all, but ‘thank you’ to each of you for the time, the commitment, the creativity and inspiration, the passion and the energy you bring to the Womb Blessing. Whether you commit your life to this service or just a few hours, you make a difference to women’s lives around the world. It is a great privilege for me to walk this path with you.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season, and may 2017 be full of the joyful abundance and fulfilment of the Mother energies.

Love and hugs

Miranda xxx

There are more things to come in 2017 but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!! :oD

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