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Dancing your cycles

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Being a woman is a dance of life. It is like being a breath – dancing with the flow of air inwards, feeling the pause of completeness within the full breath, dancing the outbreath, and then resting, empty, full of potential to fill with life once more.

Dancing your cycleWe are weavers as we dance, bringing together the rhythms of the body, of the Moon and of the Earth. The strongest beat is the rhythm of our body – it is the beat that holds us in the world. But above this rhythm is the melody of the cycle of the Moon and of the seasons.

As we move through our menstrual cycle phases, the phases of the Moon and of the seasons can enhance or soften aspects of our body’s archetypal energies*. For example, a Full Moon during our pre-ovulation phase can soften the dynamic energies of the Maiden archetype, making them feel a little more altruistic and less goal-orientated. A decreasing Moon during our pre-ovulation phase can bring more spirituality and intuition to the Maiden’s intellectual abilities.

Many women decide that they would like a cycle in tune with the lunar cycle, but it is the subtle dance of energies between our body, our mind and the Moon’s phases that brings us the deep, rich and abundant variety of female energies. To dance with just the rhythm of our body is to miss the beautiful melody that intertwines with it.

As we move through the seasons, the Earth also subtly affects our experiences. For example, in the spring the new vibrant energy of the Earth affects all of our menstrual cycle phases – enhancing the Maiden archetype, bringing greater activity in the Mother phase, creating more playfulness in the Enchantress phase, and offering a shallower withdrawal into the Crone.

Our dance is a dance of three energies – body, Moon and Earth. We may be ‘Double Maiden’ – experiencing a pre-ovulation phase in the spring – or perhaps ‘Triple Mother’- experiencing ovulation in the summer at the time of the Full Moon. To notice our dance we need to observe our cycles, charting with a Moon Dial or Record Dial, introduced in Red Moon and Optimized Woman, or with the Flow mobile app Android or iphone.

Dancing with the Moon and Earth meditation

For this meditation you will need to know the approximate phase of the Moon, your menstrual cycle phase, and the season. Even if you are somewhere that does not experience spring, summer, autumn and winter, you are still living within the seasons of the Earth – although additional environmental and climate archetypes can influence this experience. Being a dancing woman is not a science – it is an art!

If you are post-menopause, use the face of the Crone – the elder, magical, spirit woman – to represent your phase.

You do not need a physical womb to undertake this meditation.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your womb, or to you womb energy centre.

See, know, or feel that a golden bowl rests within your pelvic girdle. The bowl is full of water.

In the water you see the beautiful face of your current phase archetype*

Feel her energies and love radiating outwards, filling your womb, your heart and your mind.


Now be aware of the Moon above you, reflecting the current lunar phase. If the Moon is dark, know that there is a star-filled sky above you.

Feel the light of the Moon (or stars) flowing over you and through you.

Feel the energy of the archetype* bathing you in her energies.


Bring you awareness back to your bowl, still feeling the energies of the Moon.

Feel the Moon’s energies blend with the archetype in your bowl, softening or enhancing, expanding or centring her energies.


Now be aware that you sit in a landscape that reflects the current season of the Earth. Feel the archetype* within the land enfolding you in her energies and blending with the archetypal energies within your womb, perhaps softening some aspects and enhancing others.

Sit in the blend of energies that flow around you and through you. Feel the peace and harmony at the centre of the dance.


When you are ready to end the meditation:

  • Bring your awareness to your weight on your chair or cushion.
  • Wiggle your fingers and toes.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Smile!
  • Open your eyes.


*Phase, lunar and seasonal archetypes:

Archetype Cycle phase Lunar phase Season Energies Perception
Maiden / Bright Maiden Pre-ovulation phase Increasing Moon Spring Dynamic energies Intellectual mind
Mother / Bright Mother Ovulation phase Full Moon Summer Receptive energies ‘Feeling’ mind
Enchantress / Dark Maiden Pre-menstrual phase Decreasing Moon Autumn Dynamic energies Subconscious mind
Crone / Dark Mother Menstrual phase Dark or Hidden Moon Winter Receptive energies ‘Soul’ mind


For more information about your four female archetypes, read Chapter 8: Embracing the archetypes within you in Female Energy Awakening

This post is also available in: en fr it de pt-pt es