Moon Mothers® Resources

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Additional resources for all Moon Mothers®

The Worldwide Womb Blessing

Womb Blessing® Country Contacts

Want to help spread the Womb Blessing in your country?
Want to be listed as giving Womb Blessings, Womb Healings or running Worldwide Womb Blessing groups?

Want to share your Worldwide Womb Blessing photos and experiences?
Want to inspire women to become Moon Mothers by sharing your experience of the Womb Blessing?

Contact your Country Contact

Questions about Moon Mother® technique and practices?

Contact the Moon Weaver Circle or find them in the 3 International Moon Mother Groups (Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3) on Facebook

Moon Mother® Technique Trainers

Moon Mother® Technique Trainers are Moon Mothers who are authorised by Miranda Gray to offer in-person and online mentoring and to run additional technique workshops outlined by Miranda to support new Moon Mothers.

Here is a list of current Moon Mother® Technique Trainers:

FacilitatorEmailWorldwide Authorisation UntilBased inLanguages
Julia Larotondajulialarotonda@gmail.com08. 02. 21Brazil, ArgentinaBrazilian, Spanish
Valeria Trisogliowombblessingitalia@gmail.com01.01.21ItalyItalian, English
Veronica Morosiveronica.womb.blessing@gmail.com01.01.21ItalyItalian, English, French
Aisha Axin (Level 1 students only)aisha.axin@gmail.com01.01.21PortugalEnglish, Portuguese
Mercè Cando Solermercecando@hotmail.com21.04.21SpainSpanish, English
Bettina Kreissl 01.01.21SwitzerlandFrench, German & English
Solange Brunguard 31.12.2021SwitzerlandFrench
Monika Stenglwombblessing.germany@gmail.com01.01.20GermanyGerman
Andrea Micheliandrea@espaimimat.es01.01.21SpainSpanish
Mayella Almazanmayella.almazan@gmail.com01.01.21Northern Ireland/ MexicoEnglish, Spanish
Vanessa Castrovanessa@vanessa.cr01.01.21Costa RicaEnglish, Spanish
Barbara Jordanbarbarajordan997@hotmail.com01.01.21USAEnglish, Spanish
Katia Inigomoonmother.teacher.mexico@gmail.com01.01.21MexicoSpanish
Ursula Schrödermerlindacristal@gmail.com25.06.2021ArgentinaSpanish
Aurora Ticinoaurora.ticino@gmail.com25.06.2021ItalyItalian, English
Jacqueline Neyjacquelineney@hotmail.com25. 06. 2021FranceFrench
Camille GeninetCamille.geninet@gmail.com25. 06. 2021FranceFrench

Complementary Workshop Facilitators

Complementary workshop Facilitators are Moon Mothers who are authorised and supported by Miranda Gray to run complementary workshops outlined by Miranda to support new Moon Mothers. These workshops are certificated and provide practise to refresh skills and an annual update on energy techniques. They offer a sanctuary to share experiences and ask questions, and the opportunity to experience meditations and activities about the four female archetypes.

Here is a list of current Complementary Workshop Facilitators:

FacilitatorEmailWorldwide Authorisation UntilBased inLanguages
Andrea Micheliandrea@espaimimat.es01.01.21SpainSpanish
Solange Brungard Guenaudbrungardsolange@hotmail.com31 Dec 2021SwitzerlandFrench, English

Workshop items:

Miranda’s books: Red Moon / Female Energy Awakening / Optimized Woman / Spiritual Messages LinkOrder in different languages from the online shop
Aura Soma LinkAura Soma Quintessence ‘Lady Nada’
Music Link‘Chakra Flow’ and ‘Massage’ from New World Music: >
Moon Mother / Earth-Yoni statues LinkContact Debbie Berrow
Blue Moon Essence
Womb Blessing products LinkWomb Blessing Shop
Moon Mother bracelets: If your bracelet is lost or broken, click on the button to order a new one – payment via PayPal

Please choose your region for postage:

Music for the Worldwide Womb Blessing®:

The Womb Blessing Meditation
The Womb Blessing Meditation, narrated by Miranda Gray, 12 mins (MP3 19 MB)
audioDownload the MP3 file (19Mb)
This beautiful chant created by White Horse Spirit is available to download for free and to play after the Worldwide Womb Blessing. Let everyone dance in celebration to energise themselves, to express their inner Divine Feminine and to ground themselves!

Please always credit this beautiful gift from the heart.

audioDownload the MP3 file (2Mb)
Artist: White Horse Spirit Track name: I am the goddess Written & performed by White Horse Spirit Additional production by genuine sounds Published by copyright control 2013


Tree image 1 (191 Kb)The Womb Tree
Tree image 2 (903 Kb)The Womb Tree

For logos for other countries and languages, go to the Moon Mothers login pages

For Men

Meditation for men to accompany the Worldwide Womb Blessing® pdf Moon Meditation for men
‘Healing the Ancestors’ Meditation pdf Healing the Ancestors meditation – for men

Other Resources

Want to organise your own Worldwide Womb Blessing® group? pdfIdeas for organising your Womb Blessing group

Free Resources to Print

Mandalas from CandelariaFREE downloadable mandalas from Candelaria. These include mandalas for each archetype and for The Gift: pdfDownload the colouring book (pdf, 1.4Mb)
Womb Tree by Arianna VeroliniPrintable First Menstruation card with artwork by Arianna Verolini: pdfDownload the card (pdf, 3.5Mb)