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Meditate with the Female Archetypes during Coronavirus Isolation: Maiden Phase

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Maiden (Pre-ovulation phase) Meditation for those in Coronavirus (Covid-19) isolation.

By international women’s author and Teacher Miranda Gray

Depending on where we live in the world, we can be affected by the virus restrictions and isolation in different ways. Not being able to go outside to feel and express the renewed dynamic physical energies of our Maiden pre-ovulation phase can create feelings of frustration and trapped energy. Not being able to experience the vastness of our sense of self in a world full of space and potential can create feelings of being constricted and limited.

We may not be able to physically go outside, but we can let the Maiden free in meditation to feel her energies and to express them. And the more detailed we make the visualisation, the happier the Maiden will be – because we will also be exercising her intellectual powers of hyper-attention.

To create a balanced pre-ovulation phase, 
simply read the Maiden Meditation in the phase.

A Maiden Phase Meditation


You do not need to have anything specific to undertake this meditation, but it is nice to have an image or an object in front of you that represents the energies of the Maiden / pre-ovulation phase / Spring / increasing Moon. You may also wish to wear something that expresses your Inner Maiden.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your body.

Take a deep breath, and image that sunlight is shining on your face. Feel the warm life-force energy coming from the sun.

Feel, know or see that you are standing on top of a rounded hill; beneath your feet the grass is green and soft. Above you the sky is a beautiful blue, and you see birds high above playing in the breeze.

In front of you is a landscape of gentle hills, of small woods and flower-filled meadows.

You take a deep breath and reach out your arms either side of you, and feel free.

In your mind, say ‘I am free!’


You feel your aura expanded to the far horizon, and you sense wings of energy extending out from your arms and fingers. Feel the vastness of who you are – and smile.


Take a deep breath and allow all resistance in your body to melt away. Let go of the tension of holding yourself in, of being small or confined. Now you are free, and as big as the horizon.

And as you feel yourself stretch outwards, feel energy, joy and happiness flowing through you. This is who you are.

You start to walk down the hill alongside a small stream flowing between the trees. The wind moves the leaves, and they rustle as you walk beneath them.

But walking isn’t enough to express the joy that you feel, and so you start to run and dance and jump! You feel the rhythm of your feet on the earth, the sun above you and the wind around you. As you run and dance you relax into the rhythm and feel your connection to the energies of the Earth and of Nature.


All is good.

All is well.

Your body moves with freedom and joy, and you feel blessed with healing and wellbeing.


You run through the meadows of small yellow, pink and blue flowers, until you stop once again at the top of a hill.

This time there are earthworks around you, and you know that you stand in an ancient sacred space. Marked in the white chalk earth is an image of the Sacred Feminine in her dynamic form as a huntress.

Stretch your physical arms out as far as they will go, with your palms facing upwards, and feel the energy of Maiden flowing through you, bringing life, happiness, wellbeing and a sense of freedom and joy.


Relax your arms, and sit in this sacred place for as long as you wish.


When you are ready to leave this meditation.

Pick a few of the wildflowers around you and place them on the carving of the Maiden with gratitude and love.

Listen for any advice that you are given.

Then take a deep breath, smile, open your eyes, stretch – and bring the Maiden’s energy into the world.

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