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Meditate with the Female Archetypes during Coronavirus Isolation: Mother Phase

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Mother (Ovulation phase) Meditation for those in Coronavirus (Covid-19) isolation

By international women’s author and Teacher Miranda Gray

Social isolation and restrictions due to the virus can be very challenging for all four of the female archetypes and their phases within the menstrual cycle. But for the Mother Archetype the lack of touch to show love and caring, the lack of being sociable with friends and work colleagues, and the lack of being out in a community that she feels physically part of, can be particularly difficult. Also, for those women with children confined to the home the Mother archetype can feel worn down by the demands on her energy and time, because she is not getting the revitalisation that the joy of in-person creative social interaction brings to her.

We may not be able to go out to socialise or to touch people with love, but we can give the Mother what she needs in meditation. We can bring her community ‘in-person’, the joy of creating things together, the feeling of being touched and of touching. The more the Mother feels in the meditation, the deeper her wellbeing.

To create a balanced ovulation phase, 
simply read the Mother Meditation in the phase.

To create a balanced ovulation phase, 
simply read the Mother Meditation in the phase.

A Mother Phase Meditation


You do not need to have anything specific to undertake this meditation, but it is nice to have an image or an object in front of you that represents the energies of the Mother / ovulation phase / Summer / Full Moon. You may also wish to wear something that expresses your Inner Mother.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your body.

Take a deep breath and see, know or feel that you stand in front of an ancient tree. Its branches reach out over you, and its green leaves shelter you from the sun. Under your feet large roots weave a complex pattern over the earth. 

Between two roots a small spring emerges, and the song of the water fills the air along with the birds calling in the tree’s branches.

Take a deep breath, smile and feel that you have returned home.


At the foot of the tree a woman sits on a richly embroidered blanket. She is dressed in simple robes, and her long dark hair is held in place by a wreath of summer flowers. Two children sit on the tree roots beside her, playing with a young ginger and white striped cat.

The woman stands and, smiling, walks towards you, opening her arms to hug you in welcome. 

As she holds you, you feel her love surround you – and you relax into her embrace. 

Take a deep breath and allow all tension to melt away in the feeling of being held with deep love. 

You rest your head against her, and you know that you are held by the Mother of All. 


The Mother helps you to sit on the rug, and the children place the cat in your lap. You stroke its soft fur, feeling its happy purr vibrating through its body. For a while you enjoy the simplicity of stroking the cat and feeling its contentment spread throughout your heart and body.


The sound of music announces the arrival of a small group of men and women from a nearby village. Laughing and joking, they set out a beautiful feast on the tree roots, and they call out welcomes to you as they work. 

Soon there is a small fire, and a woman asks if you would like to help. You join the other women preparing dishes, listening as they share the stories of their day. Your heart opens, feeling connection with these women and feeling that you are part of a beautiful welcoming community.


As the meal cooks and the sun starts to set the musicians begin to play. 

The sparks of the fire rise into the darkening sky and you are surrounded by voices singing ancient songs about life. 

Relaxed and contented, with a bowl of good food and the cat curled up asleep on your lap, you know that you are surrounded by good people and you are part of their community and love.

Relax into this energy and this sacred feeling for as long as you need to.

When you are ready to leave this meditation. 

Offer your gratitude and love to the Mother and to the people around you for the wellbeing that you have received. 

Listen for any advice that you are given. 

Then bring your awareness to your heart, take a deep breath, smile, open your eyes, and bring the Mother’s energy into the world.

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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es