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Meditate with the Female Archetypes during Coronavirus Isolation: Enchantress Phase

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Enchantress (Pre-menstrual phase) Meditation for those in Coronavirus (Covid-19) isolation

By international women’s author and Teacher Miranda Gray

Telling an Enchantress what she can or cannot do is never a good idea! The current virus restrictions and rules for isolation around the world can easily generate feelings of being trapped and powerless – at a time when the Enchantress is vibrating with energy that needs release. These feelings can quickly develop into frustration and then anger, and if there is no ‘safe’ creative way to release this energy it can spill out into everyday life – which is not helpful when we are isolated with our partner or family. Also, if the Enchantress works in a role that is spiritual or healing, the lack of in-person spiritual energy work can be particularly difficult to adjust to. 

We may not be able to manage the Enchantress in our usual ways, but we can give her the release and magic that she needs to express in meditation. We can bring her the opportunity to safely release the anger and shape it into something beautiful and magical. The more the Enchantress feels the magic in the meditation, the greater her sense of wholeness.

To create a balanced pre-menstrual phase, 
simply read the Enchantress Meditation in the phase.

A Enchantress Phase Meditation


You do not need to have anything specific to undertake this meditation, but it is nice to have an image or an object in front of you that represents the energies of the Enchantress / pre-menstrual phase / Autumn / decreasing Moon energies. You may also wish to wear something to express your Inner Enchantress.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your body.

Take a deep breath, and suddenly you are standing on a beach with waves crashing against the shore. The low dark clouds of a storm lie above you, and you hold your cloak tightly around you against the strong wind.

You feel the wild power of the storm pushing you to let go and to release the cloak and your tension.

In the wind you hear a female voice calling out “Let go! Feel the wild energy and be free!”


In the foaming waves in front of you, you see a head above the water – a woman with long black hair and large beautiful eyes of emerald green. A flash of light, and you see the silver scales of a fish-like tail.

She calls to you to join her in the waves – and you cannot resist.

You let the cloak go, the wind whips it away from you and suddenly you are in the water, feeling the powerful energy of the waves surrounding you and filling you with wild joy. Like a dolphin you leap from the waves to plunge back into the water. 


The energy of the waves vibrates through you as you crash through them, sending spray high into the air. There is no difference between you and the water, and you can feel your waves hitting the rocks hard and experience the joy as the water crashes over the land, breaking down the boundaries that hold you restricted. 

Again and again your energies crash against the land with wild freedom.


The magic of the Merwoman surrounds you, and a gentle hand touches your shoulder. The Merwoman swims close to you, and you see that her skin is covered with soft silver scales and her hair is decorated with small plaits and seashells. A single gemstone radiating light lies on her forehead, held in place by a silver fillet.

She takes your hand and gently draws you under the crashing waves into calm. The deeper you go, the calmer the water becomes – and you feel the raging powers soften within you. In the feeling of gentleness, you let go of your inner chaos and feel a softer form of wildness.


You land on the seabed into a mystical realm of beauty and light. In wonder, you see the creatures of the sea swimming around you, radiant in their energies and magic. The Merwoman takes an old discarded shell and, wrapping her magic around it, she sings. Beneath her hands the shell becomes carved into the shape of a beautiful seahorse. Another shell becomes a beautiful jewel of the lightest purple colour. She offers you a shell, and holding it in your hands you weave your own magic to shape it into the design that your heart desires. With delight you feel heart and magic combined, and your creativity shaping the shell. It feels so good to create that you take another old shell, and then another. Weaving your magic, creating beauty in the world.

Notice what you weave.


Enjoy this place of calm and beauty for as long as you wish.


When you are ready to leave this meditation. 

Offer your gratitude and love to the Merwoman by giving her one of your creations. 

Listen for any advice that you are given. 

Then bring your awareness to your heart, take a deep breath, smile, open your eyes, and bring the Enchantress’ energy into the world.

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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es