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Meditate with the Female Archetypes during Coronavirus Isolation: Crone Phase

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Crone (Menstrual phase) Meditation for those in Coronavirus (Covid-19) isolation

By international women’s author and Teacher Miranda Gray

In a stressful situation we often just ‘keep going’ through our menstrual phase. We go deep into our emergency energies to try to motivate ourselves, we do things half asleep, we drink the extra coffee, and because of the anxiety filling our body with stress chemicals we force ourselves to be active in the world when our natural state is to withdraw

With so many people relying on us we feel that we cannot give in to the need to let go and rest more. But the Crone needs to rest, and she needs her spiritual time to connect to her deepest self, so that she has the magic to renew her energies as she changes from Crone to Maiden – and in times of crisis she has the wisdom she needs to make decisions. We may have to keep going through our Crone phase during this crisis, but we can give the Crone the rest and spiritual connection that she needs in meditation. We can bring her the opportunity to release her fear and tension and to once again trust in the Divine Feminine. The more the Crone lets go in the meditation, the greater her soulfulness.

To create a balanced menstrual phase, 
simply read the Crone Meditation in the phase.

A Crone Phase Meditation


You do not need to have anything specific to undertake this meditation, but it is nice to have an image or an object in front of you that represents the energies of the Crone / menstruation / Winter / Dark Moon energies. You may like to do this meditation lying down (it doesn’t matter if you go to sleep) or with a shawl over your head and shoulders.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your body.

You sit in a cave with a small fire at the centre. The floor is covered with woven crimson rugs, and the space is filled by the warm golden light of the fire. 

An old woman sits by the fire warming a pot full of liquid and occasionally adding dried herbs. The cave is silent except for the crackling of the fire, and the outside world seems a long way away. 


The old woman pulls back her dark hood, and you see her face in the fire light. Dark blue tattoos circle her cheeks, and her dark skin is lined with age. Her thin white hair is caught up in a bun and her eyes sparkle with welcome and love. She indicates that you should sit by the fire, and she fills a bowl with her tea and hands it to you.

As you sip the tea and taste its comforting flavour you gaze into the fire’s glow, letting it draw from you all the thoughts and tensions and responsibilities of the world outside. 

Some things flow easily to be taken and transformed by the fire, and you feel relaxation flowing through you. 


Some concerns and worries resist your letting go of them, because you are fearful that by letting go you will forget them or that they will no longer be important to you. 

The Crone comes and sits next to you, and she places her hand on yours. You feel love and deep calm flowing from her to you.

You know that in this place you can find a sanctuary from the world, that it’s not a place that abandons the world but a place for you to let go and to rest and restore your energies and wellbeing. 

You take a deep breath, and filling with the safety of the Crone’s love for you, you finally let go of everything.

Around you the cave fills with stars and galaxies.


You feel at one with everything. 

You feel acceptance of everything as it is – the past, the Now and what the future may be. 

You feel acceptance flowing into your bones, your cells and into your DNA. 

And you know deep, deep within that everything is okay – because you are held in the peace and sanctuary of the Crone.

She sits beside you, your guardian and protector, her love flowing around you, healing the hurts and renewing who you truly are. 


When you are ready to leave this meditation. 

Bring your awareness to your heart and thank the Crone for the wonderous gift she has given you.

Listen for any advice that you are given. 

Then bring your awareness to your heart, take a deep breath, smile, open your eyes, and bring the Crone’s wisdom into the world.

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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es