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Quick instructions for the Additional meditations!

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The additional meditations first started in 2013 and are designed to work in harmony with the energies of Mother Earth to bring patterns of healing, celebration, love and connection into women’s lives. Our womb centre is our source of creative energy to manifest our soul’s path and our authentic femininity – the pattern of our female soul – into the world. By doing these meditations we connect our womb energy centre with the womb of Mother Earth, energising our centre so that we attract the things we love into our lives.

The five meditations focus on healing and each year the healing deepens creating new paths to self-realisation.

Taking part on Worldwide Womb Blessing day:

As the earth wobbles in her orbit she holds two energy cycles one in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere. These cycles are the same but opposite.

Women taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing who wish to do the additional mediations in harmony with Mother Earth can use the table below to find out which meditation to do.

Women at or near the Equator can choose either meditation as they live at the point where the cycles meet.

Northern hemisphere meditations:

Earth Festival Meditation northern hemisphere
1st February: Imbolc Womb renewal
1st May: Beltane Accepting our sexual energies
1st August: Lammas Abundance and harvest
31st October: Halloween Healing our mother ancestors
21st December Summer Solstice Circle of sisters


Southern hemisphere meditations:

Earth Festival Meditation southern hemisphere
1st February: Beginning of Autumn Abundance and harvest
1st May: Beginning of winter Healing our mother ancestors
1st August: Beginning of Spring Womb renewal
31st October: Beginning of Summer Accepting our sexual energies
21st December Summer Solstice Circle of sisters


Each year as more women take part in the additional meditations they establish the vibration for all women, making it easier both for themselves to receiving this healing and to grow as well as for other women.

Want the meditation text?

To download the meditations simply register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing. >

If you have lost the meditations or the download page link, simply re-register and you will be sent the link.

If you have any questions about the meditations ask your Country Administrator or ask a Moon Mother >