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Discover your female powers with a Womb Blessing mandala-altar!

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The Womb Blessing mandala-altar is a simple and very impactful way for you to recognise the female powers you hold in your menstrual cycles. Then you can use these powers in everyday life to bring more wellbeing, happiness, empowerment, love, and spiritual awareness.

The mandala-altar is always changing with the rhythms of the Divine Feminine, so it reminds you that you are a reflection of Her, and that you are meant to flow, to create, and to grow.

The mandala-altar consist of three shrines:

  1. The central shrine is to your own cycle, and in each phase you can place different appropriate objects or images to remind you of your phase and of the Inner Archetype that flows through you.
    In the pre-ovulation phase, you hold the energies of the Maiden Archetype.
    In the ovulation phase, you hold the energies of the Mother Archetype.
    In the pre-menstrual phase, you hold the energies of the Enchantress Archetype.
    In the menstrual phase, you hold the energies of the Crone Archetype.

  2. The shrine to the right is the seasonal shrine of the Earth Mother. This reflects the seasonal Archetype of the land that you live on:
    The Spring Maiden
    The Summer Mother
    The Autumn Enchantress
    The Winter Crone
    (If you live in a non-temperate climate, you may have more or less than four seasons.)

  3. The shrine on the left is the shrine to the Moon. This reflects the phases of the Moon:
    The Moon Maiden (increasing moon)
    The Moon Mother (around the full moon)
    The Moon Enchantress (decreasing moon)
    The Moon Crone (around the dark moon)

Discover your female powers.

Your womb and your cycle are connected energetically to both the Moon and to the Earth, and so who you are is influenced by the three different energies that flow over you and through you.
Sometimes the shrines reflect each other, and you can experience enhanced energies and powers in your phase; sometimes they are different, creating a rich and complex weaving of power.

  • The Maidens bring dynamic energies, self-confidence, enhanced mental clarity, motivation and achievement, and a strong ego and the need to explore and to develop.

  • The Mothers bring stability, emotional strength, tenderness, empathy, contentment, abundance, and generosity and love.

  • The Enchantresses bring wild creative bursts, the breaking of restriction, self-power, a strong ego, determination without patience, and the need for change.

  • The Crones bring inner wisdom, calm, detachment, hope, and the vision of the future.

So, if you are in your pre-ovulation phase, and it is Spring, and there is an increasing Moon, then you have three Maiden energies flowing through you. You would be an amazing whirlwind of goals, plans, and activity, and you can use these superpowers in your life to start new projects, to work and party late, to look for a better job, or to multi-task with ease.

However, if the Moon was in her Mother phase, then her love and gentleness would calm the Maiden energies – but you would still experience two enhanced Maiden energies.

If it was Winter instead of Spring, then you would have the two calming energies (Winter Crone and Moon Mother) to balance your Maiden energies. So perhaps you would be a little more considerate of others as you worked late, or more aware of your soul-path guiding your plans.

When you create and change your mandala-altar with your cycles, it can be easier to embrace your own changes, and to use your powers.

Extra Mother energies? – you could ring your mother.

Extra Maiden energies? – you could ask for a raise.

Extra Enchantress energies? – you could break out of your boring routine.

Extra Crone energies? – you could make your everyday life more in harmony with your spiritual beliefs.


Your Womb Blessing mandala-altar can be as large or as small as you like.

Use ‘Red Moon – the Oracle’ cards to create a small mandala-altar for a shelf in your living area.

Perhaps create a more elaborate mandala-altar for a Worldwide Womb Blessing group. And if you have a therapy room or venue, create a permanent mandala-altar to share with women the knowledge of their powers and to fill your space with feminine energies.

Enjoy creating your Womb Blessing mandala-altar – and embrace your feminine powers!

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