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Worldwide Womb Blessing 26-05-2021

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Worldwide Womb Blessing 26-05-32021
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A message from Miranda Gray about the energy of the last Full Moon on the 26th May 2021 Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Hi everyone,

The first Worldwide Womb Blessing in May is always a joy for me because the sun has already risen and in its first rays everything feels full of life, fertility, and positive energies.

And in this moment I am reminded of the intimacy of our personal relationship with the Divine Feminine. She is not an intellectual concept that we have to understand, instead she is an experience.

We see the Divine Feminine, and build a relationship with her, through the trees and plants and animals around us as their lives reflect her cycles. We see her in the sky at night and we build a relationship with her in her light and in our awe at the beauty of the Moon’s phases.

And we see her within ourselves, in our actions, our thoughts and in our behaviours as we dance with her through the menstrual cycle. We women know the Divine Feminine. We are one cycle – one that lies within everything.

There was a thought to make the Worldwide Womb Blessing a Zoom event but we decided not to take this path because of the intimacy that the Blessing offers us.

At each Chosen Time we enter a female sanctuary, a place of peaceful and loving energies that is removed from the everyday stresses and demands of the outer world.

Whether we are on our own, with family or friends, or in a group of women, for that moment we are focused on the Divine Feminine in a sacred space separate to our everyday lives.

In the demanding modern world this is a moment to savour the connection that our ancestors had to the immediacy and intimacy of the Divine.

Every Womb Blessing is an intimate and personal experience and it  feels different and brings us something new.

One aspect of the Womb Blessing is new beginnings. The Blessing is an awakening that helps us to discover and rediscover who we are. It is the start of a new realisation, and of a new and more diverse and complete self.

We are all a ‘work in progress’ as we walk the path of Womb Blessings, and as we awaken new aspects we experience beautiful change. Sometimes this change can be dramatic, but often it is the small, everyday changes that are easy to miss that merge together to create lasting change.

Suddenly we look back a month or two after receiving a Womb Blessing and we can see and feel that we have changed.

In this month after receiving your Womb Blessing, try to notice how you feel in each phase of your cycle – or in each phase of the Moon if you do not have a cycle.

And make a promise for the month ahead to find a little time each day to notice the Divine Feminine in the nature around you, with the women alongside you, and within yourself. She is always with us.

Love and hugs

Miranda xxx

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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es